10 Urban Art Christmas Gifts

December 12, 2014

Each year as Christmas approaches, one can feel the buying and giving frenzy slowly kicking in, and as it is always the case, those best prepared among us will grab something special again this year. With an increasing number of available offers and Christmas sales, and decreasing number of available currencies in our pockets, gift season should be dealt with care, cool head and positive bank account. Given the vast number of choices, ranging from books, accessories, various gifts and items to simple cards and knick-knacks, finding the right present can be challenging. With that in mind we have compiled a list of urban art prints and designer items you should most definitely consider if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones and yourselves. From designer USB sticks and toys, to fashion items and cutting-edge art prints, here is the Widewalls' Top 10 list of best urban art Christmas gifts you should have in mind.

Montana BLACK USB Stick

You cannot go wrong with Montana BLACK USB Stick. The design is based on the legendary Montana Black spraypaint can and it can store up to 4 gigabyte worth of memory, without compromising any of your street cred. Montana BLACK USB Stick is available online and at select Montana retailers. It comes in  four colors: Tiffany, Melon Yellow, Lollipop und Knockout Blue. It is packed in a miniature card box just like the original spraycans, and you receive a random color when you order. Pop the top off the can and get to work, even if the only tagging you do these days is on Facebook.

Berlin Boombox

Berlin Boombox is the coolest looking portable speaker system around. It will play audio files from any smartphone and mp3 player as it is connected to the device via headphone jack. Designed by Axel Pfaender and inspired by the old school boomboxes of the 1980s, Berlin Boombox is made from recycled cardboard and it comes flat packed as a DIY kit. The eye-catcher is a wonderful piece of hi-tech German engineered audio technology, and it delivers quite a powerful punch through its 2 x 5 watts speaker system. For the Berlin Boombox: Artist Edition the company invited four urban artists (Jeremyville, Rob Flowers, Golden Green and LouLou & Tummie) to design their own versions of Berlin Boomboxes. All Artist Edition Boomboxes were produced in limited editions of 200 pieces (except Jeremyville's edition of 300) and are offered for sale via Berlin Boombox official site.

Spinning Eye

DRAW A LINE is an acclaimed art publishing company from Berlin, Germany, dedicated to working with emerging international street artists. There is a respectable collection of artworks available through DRAW A LINE, and for today we recommend Spinning Eye, eyecatching print by Andrew Schoultz, renowned American urban artist, sculptor and painter from San Francisco with an unique pictorial approach to social and political commentary. Schoultz's Spinning Eye is a limited edition of eighteen 12 color screen prints, printed on quality 300g mould-made Hahnemühle paper, signed and numbered by the artist, 78 x 106 cm in dimensions. Priced at  €480 (including tax and shipping costs), Spinning Eye print is available for purchase via DRAW A LINE official website.

Tony Alva All-over Print T-Shirt

Tony Alva All-over Print T-shirt is published through OBEY Clothing, fashion company established by Shepard Fairey, famous American street artist, graphic designer and illustrator. T-shirt we recommend is part of the artist series, featuring T-shirts and hoodies, designed by Glen E. Friedman, legendary American photographer, the man behind some of the most memorable photos in skateboarding, hip hop and punk rock ever produced. He is perhaps best recognized for his ground-breaking photographic work promoting rebellious bands such as Fugazi, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Public Enemy and Beastie Boys, as well as classic skateboarding legends such as Jay Adamas, Duane Peters, Alan Gelfand and Tony Alva. Freidman's Tony Alva All-over Print T-Shirt, featuring an image of Alva in action, is available for purchase via OBEY Clothing's website for $30.

The Seussian Rock Drill

Daniel Sparks, also known as Müdwig, is an acclaimed English artist extraordinaire, widely recognized for his comic abstraction paintings and drawings which inhabit the magical space between reality and illusion, and create a bizarre landscape where everything is spliced, butchered and dissected. The Seussian Rock Drill is a highly limited main edition of 13 beautiful etchings on heavyweight cotton rag paper, accompanied by a further edition of only 5 which have been hand finished with gold leaf and beeswax. The Seussian Rock Drill features Sparkes' mesmerizing reinvention of Jacob Epstein's moving sculpture titled Rock Drill, one of the greatest works of art of the 20th century. The piece is available through Fluorescent Smogg for a rather reasonable price of £275.

Church-ill Smurf War

TOYKIO is the famous toy and art webstore from Germany, founded and owned by art collector Selim Varol. The company also runs its TOYKIO Gallery & Coffee, the hippest culture hotspot and gallery space in Düsseldorf. Church-ill Smurf War, TOYKIO's first self-produced toy designed by Varol himself, is a 16 inch tall vinyl bust which pays an homage to infamous Banksy’s Turf War stencil of Churchill with a green mohawk, which then paid homage to an anonymous vandal who defaced Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square. TOYKIO's initial Smurf War colorway release of Church-ill bust is limited to 77 pieces and it is available via TOYKIO website for 249.  There will be other color variants limited to 20 pieces each, including neon yellow and bright pink.

RISK on the Box

Freeway Editions is a renowned Los Angeles based art publishing company founded by Fabien Castanier, and an ideal place where you can find the most iconic imagery from some of today’s top graffiti and urban artists. The company closely works with many European and American urban artists to create the most unique and authentic pieces of artwork. RISK on the Box Edition 3 of 10 is a limited edition sculpture made of hand-painted wood with neon and spray can, part of an original set of sculptures created by legendary urban contemporary artist RISK. Each piece was individually designed by the artist and has a hand-painted base with RISK's custom Rustoleum spray can, Risk-oleum, Risk Rock Red on top. Each edition is signed and numbered by RISK and it can be purchased via Freeway Editions website for $1,400.


D*Dog is a 10-inch tall vinyl figure on stand, designed by D*Face, English multimedia street artist of international renown, originally produced by Adfunture years ago. D*Face is widely known as one of the most productive and influential urban artists of his generation, and very often compared to Banksy and marked as his colorful counterpart. He has been around since the beginning of the urban art movement, and his creativity helped him rise to the stardom of pop culture. Now Sync and Medicom Toy have released a renewed version of iconic D*Dog figure, available in three colors. D*Dog figure can be found online on several webstores and is on sale through TOYKIO website for 199.

Presenting the Past

KAWS (Brian Donnelly) is an acclaimed American street-turned-gallery artist and popular designer of limited toys and fashion items. This former graffiti artist became widely recognized for his subversive interventions on billboards, bus shelters and phone booth advertisements he painted around Brooklyn, New York in the 1990s. Presenting the Past is KAWS' latest print, published this October in the limited run of 250 prints. The print, screen-printed on quality Saunders Waterford 425gm paper and 32 x 32 inches in dimensions, features typical KAWS style with vibrant, cartoon-like color palette, linear, seemingly three-dimensional objects  and blown-up, distorted characters. Presenting the Past prints are still available for purchase at KAWS' online store and they can be yours for $3,400.

Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow

Ernest Zacharevic, also known as ZACHAS, is a renowned Lithuanian urban and street artist, well known for his light-hearted, iconic murals, which very often incorporate real life props like old bicycles and motorcycles and cover the streets of Penang, Malaysia, city he lives and works in. Zacharevic's Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow print, inspired by the outstanding mural Zacharevic previously created for the Living Walls conference in Atlanta, is an eight colors lithograph, printed on quality 270 g BFK Rives paper, 27,8 x 22 inches in dimensions. Juxtaposing Mondrian's structured geometric patterning to figurative oil painting and vivid spraypaint strokes, Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, released through Print Them All website, is a wonderful piece of urban art which stylishly explores the interaction and balance of various painting styles and techniques.

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