California and Urban Art Galleries - 10 Best Galleries

November 3, 2014

With all due respects to other urban art Meccas, found in cities like New York, London and Paris, there is hardly more vibrant and more influential gallery scene than the one in California. All of the ten art galleries on the following list feature top notch artworks created by both emerging and renowned urban and street artists, and firmly stand as hot spots where those who visit them can have a glimpse at fresh, cutting edge art. Join us on our short walking tour through the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Culver City, as we visit the ten most influential galleries that spread the love of contemporary urban art across the United States' west coast. So don't forget your lunch box, 'be sure to wear some flowers in your hair', and we'll show you the best street art galleries.

White Walls - Respected

White Walls is one of the most respected San Francisco based art galleries. Since its opening in 2003 it was steadily gaining impeccable reputation as the premier Bay Area place for urban and contemporary art lovers, strongly dedicated to showcasing the most progressive and culturally significant, cutting edge contemporary art. In addition to that, White Walls gallery is also a tremendous supporter of local nonprofit organizations as it regularly hosts charity auctions aimed at raising funds to help San Francisco's poorest residents. As of 2013 White Walls, and its sister Shooting Gallery, moved to the historic 886 Geary building, an epic and breathtakingly gorgeous venue of modern architectural elegance, which features a 'white walls' aesthetics of a contemporary art gallery.

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