Art Galleries in Germany - 10 Contemporary Galleries You Need to Visit

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November 16, 2014

Art galleries in Germany are the spots that you must visit when you come to this country.

We wrote about the exceptional German urban and street art scene and today we revisit the wonderful country of Germany and embark on a short trip through the streets of Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dortmund and Soest. With an extraordinary history of urban art, most clearly seen on the walls of Berlin, city which has been often regarded as one of the world's epicenters of the movement, it comes as no surprise that Germany has one of the most developed gallery scenes worldwide that successfully keeps track with those of New York, Paris and Los Angeles. What follows is our selection of urban and street art galleries that represents the cross section of the Germany's highly vibrant and widely influential urban art gallery scene.

Here are the 10 art galleries you will love!

Art is Just a Four Letter Word in Soest

Renowned German art agency art is just a four letter word, located in the town of Soest, fifty kilometers east of Dortmund. The gallery with main focus on street art and graffiti, hosted several significant exhibitions that received a huge international attention. Art is Just a Four Letter Word gallery features artworks created by some of the biggest names in the street and urban art scene, including artists like Rookie the Weird, Niels Shoe Meulman, Amose, Jan Kalab, Bates and Adele Renault, and there is no doubt that it will very quickly become one of the leading and trend-setting street art galleries in Europe.

Also, check out works by Niels Shoe Meulman on our marketplace!

Arty Farty in Cologne

Arty Farty is one of the hippest German urban art places. Established in 2008 as the original Arty Farty Artspace, urban art gallery and bar, it was expanded in 2012 to a new gallery located  in the former industrial district of Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Arty Farty Gallery quickly became widely known for its inventive  exhibitions and urban interventions created by selected German and international urban and street artists, and it successfully promoted itself as a focal point for urban art in Cologne. It is a rather unconventional venue and it is very difficult to predict what is awaiting you in Arty Farty, but it is most definitely going to be interesting, fresh and unique.

m|u|c|a in Munich

Munich Urban and Contemporary Art Gallery, or simply m|u|c|a is a renowned in-house gallery located in the Kunsthaus Maximilian.

This place offers a high-profile program and rotating shows of urban art and is considered to be the Munich’s meeting point for urban art.

It's focus lies on established representatives of the urban and street art movement like Banksy, David Choe, FAILE, Shepard Fairey and Herakut, as well as contemporary art masters like Andy Warhol, and young, emerging artists. With an extended experience in the art market, and many years of strong dedication to art consulting, m|u|c|a has established a broad international network and highly respectable reputation of a rather special venue in the German art gallery scene.

Ruttkowski 68 in Cologne

Founded in 2010 and located in the Belgium quarter of Cologne, Ruttkowski 68 delivers exciting monthly exhibitions, but also organizes book presentations, concerts and charity events.

Working with both German and international emerging and established artists Ruttkowski 68 showcases cutting edge artworks.

It encompasses paintings, photographs, sculpture and installation. The place was named after Sven Ruttkowski, best known as DJ Rutte, tragically deceased member of the famous Bang Boom Bang DJ duo. After Rutte's death in 2010, photographer Nils Müller transformed his former living space into the Ruttkowski 68 which quickly became one of the best known German contemporary art venues. Gallery's exceptional selection includes artworks created by some of the most prominent contemporary urban artists, including such names as Cleon Peterson, Herakut, Revok, Mark Jenkins, Andrew Schoultz and Finok.

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