The 7ways2love Saga Continues with Mario Mankey!

June 16, 2018

A while ago, the #7Ways2Love art project was launched with the intriguing idea of seeing how seven different street artists would use their skills to interpret the enigmatic concept of love through painting murals in a district of Barcelona.

To no one's surprise, the project proved to be a very successful one right from the get-go. And now, with five parts already in the books, the next chapter of the #7Ways2Love art project will be unveiled on the 26th of June.

Following #7Ways2Love's fifth chapter, the next phase of the project welcomes Mario Mankey, a talented Spanish street artist who shall use his distinct art style to greatly contribute to Metric Market's unusual interactive urban project.

Lobby is in the Air / Go Go Go
Left: Mario Mankey - Lobby is in the Air / Right: Mario Mankey - Go Go Go

Beyond What the Eyes Can See - The Art of Mario Mankey

In an attempt to somewhat accurately describe Mario Mankey's unmistakable artistic style, one may say that the Spanish painter is fond of using contradictions that break the limits of conventional thought.

Originally from Valencia, Mankey creates works that can certainly be classified as a part of what we define as urban art, but the true value and extent of his work is hidden well beyond its surroundings and visuals. The artist himself often describes this "tucked away" meaning fueling his work as the "human heart":

It hides in the seeds of the cities where it [the human heart] really gets its development.

Mario Mankey - AHOTGIRL

Interpreting Love Through the Eyes of the Artist

For his contribution to artistically solving the riddle of love, it's speculated that Mario Mankey will do his own thing and answer the call in a symbolic matter.

Although there's no way of precisely predicting what Mankey will be painting, we can take a look at some of his previous artworks and analyze them in order to get a few ques on what we could expect.

In one of his most interesting series to date, Mankey primarily focused on the motif of horses, creating multiple murals that show different scenes of either the animals on their own or accompanied by riders. All of these murals are obviously dominated by the color pink, something that's likely to make an appearance at the #7Ways2Love.

Furthermore, the level of abstraction in Mario's work ranges from a total lack of it to full-blown abstract compositions that thrive in broken forms and spaces, so there's really no telling how abstract Mankey will paint for the upcoming event.

In addition to his murals, Mankey is also fond of occasionally working with sculpture. His by far most famous piece of that kind is titled Ego Erectus - created in Berlin during the last year, this huge piece features feet of what appears to be a giant human. Located within a building, the feet take up the entirety of a room, leaving a lasting impression that the rest of the giant's body is upstairs, broken through all higher flats and standing high over the building. We'll have to wait and see if Mario decides to feature sculptures for #7Ways2Love.

UNeatable laguna
Mario Mankey - UNeatable laguna

The Sixth Chapter of the #7Ways2Love Project

Although we're sure Mario will do an astonishing job at the helm of the project's next chapter, we can't help but feel a little saddened by the fact #7Ways2Love is one step away from its completion.

However, before we start turning our attention to the seventh and final phase of #7Ways2Love, we're still to see what wonders Mario Mankey will cook up in the end - the answer to this question shall be revealed on the 26th of June 2018.

Featured images: Mario Mankey - Lobby; Mario Mankey - Ego Erectus. All images courtesy of the 7Ways2Love project.