81 Bastards

December 3, 2014

Surely, the entire experience of urban and street art, and creative expression in general, conveys a completely different sentiment when the process is shared with friends and peers (check out our story on collaboration in urban art, read Find Your Crew!). A group echoes an energy which can be seen and felt in every art piece. Also, the shared ideological output of a group of artists amplifies with the activity of each new member. This is a short story of a rebellious group of people who create in within the cultural space of Japan (also, be sure to check out our selection of 10 Asian Artists)…

Backwood Gallery
Mhak in front of his artwork

Get to Know The 81 Bastards

Tokyo leading young creative individuals (all of them belonging to the same generation, born in 1981) represent something which has been referred to as the “new wave of Japanese Art.” Yoshi47 is a self-proclaimed “life explorer” and for a good reason too. He has been living on the road for a good part of his career, between California and Japan. As a an avid curator, designer and artist. Mhak articulates the extraordinary connection between painting and space. His interventions include many indoor murals and his creative process is in close relation to the surroundings. Yoshi47 and Mhak founded the crew, in order to redefine the concepts of live performance painting (read about the relation between performance art and urban art in our feature The Next Step For Urban Art?). The rest of the group of talented painters which forms the crew called The 81 Bastards comprises of Jun Inoe, Sand, OT, Rio Yamamoto, 3104 Style, DJ LZA as well as Yoskay Yamamoto from Los Angeles and, most recently, Ghostpatrol from Melbourne…

Backwood Gallery
Yoshi47 - 3 hours / 3 layers, 2011 - acrylics (image courtesy yoshi47.com)

The Activities of Backwoods Gallery

The Melbourne based gallery has show, many a times, its devotion to the excellence in urban and street art. Last spring, the gallery space was home to one exciting exhibition by STABS which included the artist’s intriguing journal (read more in Keep It Simple). The end of summer brought the visitors of Backwoods Gallery a chance to see the third edition of the gallery’s long-lasting project (read more on this interesting story in A Study of Hair). Just two months ago, the show by TWOONE excited art lovers (more in Twoone’s Outsiders). Currently, the gallery is hosting Silent Landscape by Miso. This Saturday, the gallery has something interesting in the works…

Backwood Gallery
Jun Inoue Live Paint at Backwoods Gallery

The 81 Bastards in Melbourne

The 81 Bastards are persons “to blame” for the popularization of live painting across Tokyo. The will spend time in Melbourne in order to paint the entire Backwoods Gallery alleyway entrance. On Saturday, December 6th 2014, Backwoods Gallery is ending the year with a bang – a live paint BBQ early Xmas party, an amazing crew and a live paint show. And all of this infused with sake…

Backwood Gallery
OT - artwork (courtesy fankadelic-tattoo.com)

Backwood Gallery
Ghostpatrol - artwork

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