A plus A Gallery Turns into The Breakfast Pavilion for Venice Biennale!

April 3, 2017

The official venue for the Slovenian pavilion at the Venice Biennale between 1998 and 2014, A plus A has been a hub for Slovene, local and international artists, functioning during the whole year, not only as a national pavilion, but also as a public one. Since 2015, A plus A has been transformed into a gallery space dedicated to experimenting with new exhibition formats. For the occasion of the 57th Venice Biennale, A plus A will present the Breakfast Pavilion – a curatorial project that aims to merge the worlds of art and design in a special happening, expanding the usual boundaries of each discipline. This contemporary art space will be transformed into a friendly and informal café, becoming a creative environment where art can be discussed, produced, performed, and eaten.

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Left: Fredrik Paulsen - Prism / Right: George Sowden - Memphis, 1981

The Breakfast Pavilion

As a social time when friends, colleagues, and families meet to prepare themselves for their everyday lives, it can be argued that breakfast is one of the most important moments of the day. During the opening days of the Venice Art Biennale, artists Anna-Sophie Berger, Olaf Nicolai and Nicole Wermers will prepare a unique breakfast inside this temporary pavilion for their hosts, turning it into a place where individuals can share personal, creative and intellectual ideas in a socially inclusive atmosphere. The space itself will be transformed by a selection of international designers who have made their contributions with objects conceived for this occasion. The on-going contributors list includes Anna-Sophie Berger, Claudia Berger, Valentina Cameranesi, Pierre Charpin, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Daniel Eatock, Max Frommeld, Martino Gamper, Katrin Greiling, Jochen Holz, Loris Jaccard, Maria Jeglinska, Kueng Caputo, Simon Klenell, Livia Lauber, Francesco Librizzi, Michael Marriott, M–L–XL, Olaf Nicolai, Norma Studio, Fredrik Paulsen, Rio Grande, George Sowden, Silo Studio, Kristoffer Sundin, Harry Thaler, Nicole Wermers, Zaven, Oskar Zieta. Their pieces will be used during the performance, but will also be up for sale.

M-L-XL - Stool
Left: Silo Studio - Textile Moulded Glass, 2013; Photo by Nick Rochowski / Right: M-L-XL - Stool

The Curators

The Breakfast Pavilion is a project curated by Marco Campardo, Lorenzo Mason (M–L–XL) and Luca Lo Pinto with the special contribution of Maria Jeglinska. Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason have been running several practices, from a graphic design an art-direction studio to a publishing house, curating exhibitions or teaching in different universities and holding lectures and workshops. Today, they are running M-L-XL, an office for production and research across different design discipline and publishing. The co-founder of the magazine and publishing house NERO, Luca Pinto currently works as a curator at the Kunsthalle Wien where he has organized solo and group exhibitions for a variety of artists. He has also curated a variety of projects and contributed to many catalogs and international magazines.

Left Valentina Cameranesi
Left: Valentina Cameranesi - Le Teste; Photo by Camille Vivier / Right: Zaven - CHIPO

A plus A at Venice Biennale

The Breakfast Pavilion at Venice Biennale by A plus A Gallery will be open to the public between May 10th and May 12th, 2017, from 12 a.m. to 7 p.m, providing an opportunity for the audience to visit it, drink coffee and eat a slice of cake or have a meeting there. The unique breakfast prepared by the three invited artists will be served between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m, during which time admission to the gallery will be by invitation only. As a witness of the happening, a publication of the event will also be realized.

Featured images: Norma Studio - Bookshelf, A modular, scaleable, free-standing, no-hardware shelving system in Red Oak. Configuration 25 of 85 possible configurations; Oscar Zieta - Plopp Standard; Michael Marriott -Maltasingh Dining Table; Max Frommeld - Glass Spoons; Borosilicate Glass; Katrin Greiling - Designbar, 2011; Stockholm Furniture Fair; Nathalie Du Pasquier, 2016; Photo by Delfino Sisto Legnani; Anna Sophie Berger - Mumok; Left: Livia Lauber and Loris Jaccard - Lemon Toys / Right: Pierre Charpin - PCLamp, 2016; Left: Kueng Caputo - Bowl, 2014 / Right: Maria Jeglinska - Autor Rooms; Photo by Max Zielinski

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