Abend Gallery, The _Lo Collective and Artist Decoded Present a Special Art Show

Exhibition Announcements

July 8, 2016

A group exhibition in Los Angeles, brought to us by the _Lo Collective, Abend Gallery, and the Artist Decoded, is much more than an insight into the today’s contemporary art trends. The exhibition Lo_01_LA_2016 at the Dream Factory LA Studio, featuring the works of the following artists: Felipe Alonso, Casey Baugh, Mia Bergeron, Benjamin Björklund, Felicia Forte, Phil Hale, Justin Hopkins, Steve Kim, Matthew Saba, Daniel Segrove, Hannah Vandermolen, Emilio Villalba, Timothy P Wilson, and Yoshino is a dialogue between abstraction, figuration, performance, and installation art. Described as ‘ much more than a typical contemporary painting show ‘, the exhibition is seen as a nexus of varied disciplines with similar philosophies.

_Lo Collective los angeles 2016 opening
Justin Hopkins - Artwork.

The Reflections of the Featured Artists

The featured works of the participating artists seem to dig deep into a variety of different questions and reflections concerning the world around us, and of the true identity of a modern day man and woman. The visual poetry of Felipe Alonso speaks and reflects on the silent moment and solitude, and his figures, broken down to sometimes just parts of the human body, just a portrait where the body is missing, or the cut out arm that covers the face of a cut out image of a head, could easily be understood to stand as symbols of a fragmented man. The powerful mix media works by Daniel Segrove depict the messiness contrasted with a serene, nonchalant figures posing in a nondescript space. Perspective, empathy, identity, consciousness and emotions are common themes in Segrova’s works, and the reduction of his figuration is also a powerful statement of today’s views about the true visibility of us all. The contemporary figuration of Justin Hopkins is just another example of the eclectic nature of the contemporary art world, which has broken down any definition concerning the traditional representational rules of the human body, animals and landscapes, and this freedom allowing for a vast experimentation is what connects the artists in this show.

los angeles 2016 opening
Left: Mia Bergeron - Walk Alone / Right: Felicia Forte - In The Interim and Then There Was So Much More Time

The Art Partners

_Lo is an art collective focused on bringing to its public the works of premiere contemporary artists and creation of a bridge between different communities and the art world. The one-of-a-kind exhibitions organized by the collective aim to produce original, collaborative, multi-disciplinary shows that offer its public a sense of shared community space.

Abend Gallery was established in 1990 and is located in Denver Colorado. For years now, the galleries collection offers an amazing insight into the art world of the past and the present contemporary production. The worldwide artists connected with the gallery are locally, nationally and internationally recognized and stands to represent the interest of the gallery for a wide look into the art trends of today.

Artist Decoded by Yoshino is a podcast / passion project started in 2015. Ranking in the top 3 of the Visual Arts Category, the series is an unedited documentation of conversations between artists who have dedicated their practice for the breaking of the rules and barriers we all tend to set up in our minds.

Daniel Segove - Runaway
Daniel Segove - Runaway

The Selection of the _Lo Collective, Abend Gallery, and the Artist Decoded at the Dream Factory LA Studio

The exhibition _Lo_01_LA_2016 is the first installment out of many planned by the mentioned partnership between _Lo Collective, Abend Gallery, and the Artist Decoded. This time, presented at the Dream Factory LA Studio the collaboration between the partners and the curatorial team of _Lo artists Emilio Villalba, Justin Hopkins, and Daniel Segrove, bring to us the exhibition which showcases some of the most compelling, young, and established artists from around the world, whose works focus on contemporary figurative theme. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th, 2016, from 6 – 9 pm while the closing reception is planned for Saturday, July 16th, 2016. The featured artists worked in a close collaboration with each other, and the strong narrative of their pieces should not be missed.

All images courtesy of Abend Gallery and the artists. Featured image: Felipe Alonso – Artwork.

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