Abstract Geometry

November 21, 2014

In nature there are particular patterns and trends that emit beauty when perceived. Such patterns are cored in some kind of mathematical principles or algorithms. One of these celestial principles is Fibonacci’s sequence. It’s also known as golden ratio, golden section and divine proportion. You can see it in flower patterns, snail “backpacks” and it’s disclosed in one sentence “The following number is the sum of the previous two”. The exhibition titled Abstract Geometry evolves around this universal nature law. It gathers works of the three contemporary artist Vanessa Jackson, Rupert Newman and Vanessa Hodgkinson. Their work is concerned with the use of shape, color and composition, and the sequences and relationship between such properties.  Abstract Geometry is the result of the interrelation of mathematics, nature and art, focusing on how the past is present in contemporary abstract art. The exhibition is taking place at Rook & Raven Gallery in London.

Abstract Geometry
Vanessa Hodgkinson, Melancholic Thread Recto Verso, 2013

Rupert Newman's Projections

Rupert Newman is one of the young contemporary British artist primarily known for his large scale and complex projection mapping. Newman’s influences are dating from the Russian Crayonist, their technique and subject matter, but the heart of his artistic vision lies in early Twentieth-century French artist, Robert Delaunay. Delaunay founded the Orphism movement in art when he relaunched the use of color during the monochromatic Cubist movement. Newman did commissioned pieces for companies including Warner Music Group, Dom Perignon but also had success in selling his prints, paintings and fabric designs to the buyers worldwide.

Abstract Geometry
Rupert Newman - Icecap Night

Abstract Geometry
Rupert Newman- Icecap

Vanessa Jackson's Geometry

As Newman, Vanessa Jackson was firmly inspired by the ideologies of mathematicians and philosophers, such as Euclid, Pythagoras and Fibonacci, as well as the work of the Russian Constructivists. Jackson sees the multiple functions of geometry to be part of everyday life, from vast architectural structures, to the minutiae of DNA. Commenting on the subject Jackson stated: “I look to construct paintings that offer a space for reflection, geometry in two and three dimensional familiarity of initial recognition. They are made slowly. Slow to make and slow to look at. Slow to unravel or ‘unconceal’…Layers become suspended in the illusion of geometry.”

Abstract Geometry
Vanessa Jackson - Winter Note

Vanessa Hodgkinson’s CMYK

The series of paintings titled “Printer Paintings” evolves around destructive CMYK color formation used primarily in printing, whereby Hodgkinson perceives structure of image-making in the mechanical world, as the supplemental RGB color formation and the evolution of digital technology. Printer Painting  aims to achieve that aesthetic and function work in tandem. There is obvious concern of Hodgkinson to translate mechanical scheme of image-making into paint as she include variety of materials used in order to do so.

The exhibition at Rook & Raven will run from 20th of November until 20th of December.

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Abstract Geometry
Vanessa Hodgkinson - Diagonal Thread Recto Verso, 2013

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