The Finest Examples of Abstract Urban Art For Your Collection

April 2, 2020

Representing a pivotal moment in 20th-century art, abstract art rejected the rules of traditional art, placing an emphasis on color, composition, and emotion. The movement remains fresh even today, thanks to contemporary artists who are pushing the limits of the genre, bringing approaches that are smart, engaging and visually arresting. Not concerning themselves with labels, they’re more interested in the infinite ways paint can be applied to develop suggestive, beguiling, and transcendent compositions.

A good example is urban artists, who take their abstraction out on the street, and they also produce it within their studios, creating a sub-genre well worth exploring - and collecting!

We bring you the work of some of the best abstract urban artists out there. Each of the works you can own right now!

Featured image: Moses & Taps - DICTATA™ (detail). All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Reka One - Via Veneto

Australian artist Reka One developed a new, recognizable style of art combining Surrealism, Abstraction, and street art. Expressing himself through bold colors, dynamic movement and strong lines, he creates works which open dialogues between the viewer and their surroundings.

Created in 2018, Via Veneto features a pseudo-human form which appears recognizable but isolating, playful yet eerie. As a unique fusion of high and low art, this colorful work features a subject that mirrors those around him in his environment.

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Waner - Caron 3

Working in painting and graffiti, the French contemporary artist Waner is best known for the spontaneity, energy, and dynamism of his work, allowing the body to become an integral part of the artwork. He is influenced by Pollock’s dripping and action painting, by Werner Schneider’s calligraphic art and by Régis Loisel’s illustrations.

Created in 2015, Caron 3 is executed in his unique visual language combining lines and curves and providing an almost musical dynamic to the composition.

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CRASH and Remi Rough - Untitled, (A)

Continually at the forefront of Street Art, John Matos aka CRASH is known for dealing with the imagery of comics, giving it his own distinct flavor. Fusing pop iconography and graffiti, his work seems to depict the modern world’s pure essence.

On the piece Untitled from 2013, the artist collaborated with Remi Rough who is celebrated for his abstract compositions with colored shapes and straight edges.

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Moses & Taps - DICTATA™

A world-renowned German graffiti art duo, Moses & Taps made their name with their art collective TOP SPRAYER. Their first project was to paint 1000 trains all over the world in 1000 days, using each other’s names. Their ever-changing pseudonym shifts between Moses & TapsTM, Erni & BertTM, TopsprayerTM and AliasTM.

In the work DICTATA™, the duo harnessed the power of a spray can, fusing the distinct visual language of graffiti with abstract art.

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Remed - L'homme Oiseau

In his art, the French artist Remed fuses mathematics and calligraphy, seeking precision and simplifying things to make them universal. He finds inspiration in classical 20th-century artists such as Modigliani and Léger, but also the Moroccan art of Zellige, revitalizing these movements.

The work L’homme Oiseau is characterized by the harmonic purity combined with the flow, the energy of the line. Speaking a universal language of form and color, it is a piece that anyone can relate to.

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Bisco Smith - Grateful 4

An American contemporary urban artist, Bisco Smith creates art that blends of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, graphic design, and visual freestyle. Emerging from New York’s Hip Hop scene in the early 2000’s, he fuses the spontaneous art forms into style-writing and action painting.

Created in 2019, the work Grateful 4 is characterized by energetic, expressive brushstrokes that reflect the flow of music and translates the consciousness of the moment into painted lyrics and abstract black and white works of art.

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Romain Froquet - Estampe Royal

A French self-taught artist, Romain Froquet is known for repetitive work around the line that led him to create his own pictorial language. Froquet has a rich style, filled with references ranging from Arshile Gorky to Pollock and De Kooning.

The work Estampe Royal from 2018 is on the borders of abstraction and figuration, created through a repeated process and precise strokes.

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Etnik - Bonsai II

The alias of Italian-Swedish street artist Alessandro Battisti, Etnik has been working on the street art scene since the early 90s. Over the years, he has developed a visual language characterized by geometrical and architectural forms. These works combine lettering and abstraction, demonstrating the artist’s great sense of balance and composition.

The work Bonsai II is executed in the artist’s distinct geometrical style, imbued with real depth and perspective.

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Poesia - Deconstructed Paper Study B/C

A world-renown artist from San Francisco, Poesia became one of the pioneering practitioners of what became known as Abstract Graffiti, along with Joker, Kofie, and SheOne from his Transcend Collective. He has created a hybrid style that is able to bridge the gallery with the street, as well as history with the contemporary.

Created with acrylic and spray paint on heavyweight paper, Deconstructed Paper Study B/C from 2017 demonstrates the artist's passion for experimenting with media.

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Greg Jager - Transmission #02

An Italian contemporary artist, Greg Jager is known for fusing graffiti and abstract art. The abstract world he has created is inspired by the urban environment and the architecture, constantly deconstructed and reconstructed in his work.

Transmission #02 from 2019 is executed in the geometric visual language, rendered in muted colors with red highlights.

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