Abstract Experiences

May 7, 2014

Abstract art gained independence around the middle of the last century. Since then, it has developed in various directions, but we must never forget the origins, nor the critical points in the evolution of this purely modern movement. Parisian space of the Opera Gallery is opening an exhibition entitled Abstract Experiences: Beyond the Real, dedicated exactly to these crucial and fundamental points in art, when abstraction was at its peak and the today's followers of the contemplative expression. The exhibition will attempt to depict diverse ways and perceptions of creation by each participating artist, all luminaries of contemporary art, through an array of various themes .

Abstract Experiences is opening on May 23 and it will remain on view through June 23, 2014.

Opera Gallery Paris
Joan Miro - Oiseaux dans l'espace, 1960

Abstract Experiences

The works showcased at the exhibition will provide an insight into four separate collections, pointing out which thematics is pertinent to which artist, as they bring the meaning of a work of art to another level. Throughout the display, the artworks will handle problematics related to the supremacy of shape, supremacy of color and supremacy of emotion. The carefully curated exhibit will take the observer on a journey through the history of modern art, shifting his focal point from one pictorial element to another, finishing in the intimate, poetic world conjured up in the artists’ mind. Close to the end of the installation, an end of the artwork will be announced, in pieces which use specific, new materials, and establish new creative practices.

One of the most intriguing particularities of this exhibition will be the exposal of abstract pieces created by the exclusively abstract artists alongside abstract pieces produced by artists predominantly dedicated to figurative painting. This juxtaposition of two ways of artistic thinking and creation will emphasize the fact that lines between the abstract and the representational are indeed blurry, and can easily be crossed or erased. Pieces by Yayoi Kusama and Reza Derakshani exude great energy of their forms, which harness lines and color, while standing next to the more restrained pieces.

Abstract Experiences is the exhibition which must not be omitted by anyone with an interest in modern art, as it will feature works by monumental figures such as Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Pierre Soulages, Sam Francis and Victor Vasarely. However, the contemporary international artists selected by the Opera Gallery will not be forgotten, as the public will be able to admire pieces by Guelfenbein, Reyle and You Jin.

Opera Gallery Paris
Reza Derakshani - Homay and Homayoun

Beyond the Real

The subtitle of the show suggests the escape from the real world via abstraction, through which we allow ourselves to be affected by certain aspects of it, thus unveiling our true nature, which again, belongs to sheer reality. Observing an abstract work of art, we make relations and comparisons to any trait of our realities without even realizing it, becoming more aware of what is hidden in the shapes and things around us. This experience enables us to appreciate the experience of nature more deeply, as waves, moves, colors or forms are only materializations of suggestive reductions found in works of Vasarely, Calder, or Kusama.

Abstract Experiences: Beyond the Real will uplift the observer, transpose his spirit into the realm of contemplation and the unconscious, while exhibiting the unique and imposing collection of historically and culturally important artwork.

Opera Gallery
Alexandre Calder - Einseigne de Lunettes

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