Adam Silverman Solo Exhibition for the First Time in New York at Friedman Benda Gallery

April 2, 2016

Friedman Benda Gallery is proud to announce Adam Silverman’s exhibition Ground Control. The artist’s first solo exhibition in New York features a completely new and considerable body of work which includes a site-specific installation that presents the constellation of forms and surfaces that Adam Silverman has created in his 14-year-long career. The Los Angeles-based artist has investigated various means of creation in fashion and architecture before he shifted his focus on clay. The chief entity of Silverman’s work is the human body, which he uses as a subject, tool, and reference. This exhibition will present Adam Silverman’s extensive ceramic work, worthy of comparison with the foremost examples of sculpture in the contemporary art scene of today.

Adam Silverman exhibition
Adam Silverman - Untitled, 2016, Stoneware, 16

Adam Silverman’s Practice

The integral part of Adam Silverman’s practice is the wheel throwing process. The forms he produces are strong and conscious. They draw the attention of the viewers in whatever shape they are in, whether they are an egg with exquisitely smooth walls, or if they are asymmetrical and punctured and struck in an aggressive manner. His varnishing practices are embedded in tradition and precision, and at the same time, accepting of experimentation, improvisation, and the strike of chance. His ceramics are treated like three-dimensional canvases, elaborately glazed, where each piece represents simultaneously the long-lasting entity and a fresh start. As we know, the ceramic art does not only belong to posh homes of old ladies with ikebana arrangements at every corner. It is a true work of art that covers the span of centuries, and Adam Silverman’s exhibition is the prime example of ceramic art today.

Adam Silverman exhibition
Adam Silverman  - Untitled, 2016

Silverman’s Collaborations and Other Works

Adam Silverman has collaborated with Nader Tehrani from 2008 to 2010 on Boolean Valley. Boolean Valley is a conceptual installation that was quite a globe-trotter, as it travelled from San Jose Museum of Art to MOCA Los Angeles, all the way to the Nasher Sculpture Center. This piece has survived a lot; it has been cut in two, slip cast 200 times, and shaped on the wheel. This installation was comprised of some 400 pieces to present a complicated, topographic, scenic exhibit that perfectly responded to architectural surroundings where it was presented. In 2013, Adam Silverman had a chief museum exhibition at The Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach in California. In addition to this, an artist’s monograph was published in 2013 by Skira Rizzoli, titled Adam Silverman Ceramics. The New York-born artist was the Los Angeles studio director of Heath Ceramics, and his works are a part of collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, among others.

Adam Silverman exhibition
Left: Adam Silverman - Untitled, 2016 / Right: Adam Silverman - Untitled, 2016

Adam Silverman Exhibition at Friedman Benda

Adam Silverman exhibition titled Ground Control will be on view at Friedman Benda gallery from May 5th to June 11th, 2016. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition and it will contain contributions by Brooke Hodge and Nader Tehrani. This will be Adam Silverman’s first solo exhibition in New York. Friedman Benda gallery is dedicated to presenting emerging, as well as established designers, who are the vanguards of their practice. Founded in 2007, the gallery has played a crucial role in the design market and education, and it represents an international list of artists across five continents and multiple generations. It is located at 515 W 26th Street, New York, so hurry up and clear your schedule and visit this amazing upcoming exhibition.

Images courtesy of Friedman Benda and Adam Silverman
Featured images: Adam Silverman [American, b. 1963] - Untitled, 2016 | Adam Silverman [American, b. 1963] - Untitled, 2016 | Adam Silverman [American, b. 1963] - Untitled, 2016, detail | Adam Silverman [American, b. 1963] - Untitled, 2016 | Adam Silverman [American, b. 1963] - Untitled, 2015