Adele Renault New Oil Pigeon Painting Exhibition at Havas ANNEX Chicago

October 26, 2015

Most people tend to look at the pigeons as the most annoying inhabitants of the urban environment. There is nothing spectacular about them, nothing especially beautiful or inspiring. However, there is one person in the world of contemporary art who would disagree and who can bring to the surface all the elegance of these ordinary creatures. Young and talented artist Adele Renault is widely known for her representations of subjects which others tend to overlook due to their common nature, and this November, the artist will exhibit her new pigeon portraits at Havas ANNEX in Chicago.

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Left: Adele Renault - Camp Hatching / Right: Adele Renault - Camp 23 Days

The Art of Adele Renault – Where Ordinary Becomes Enchanting

Amsterdam-based Adele Renault has an educational background in graphic design, but her artistic practice includes various techniques and influences, from traditional oil painting to spray-paint graffiti. The scale of her work also varies from small canvases to large-scale murals. But there are some things that can be singled out as a constant in her work, and those are the orientation towards realism and the preferred choice of subjects. Adele Renault paints what others not consider worthy, portraying the marginalized subjects such as elderly, homeless or pigeons and showing their genuine beauty and elegance, once they are displaced from their everyday environment and enlightened by her vision. Profane life moments become enchanted scenes in the work of this gifted artist and portrayed subjects come to emanate all the gracefulness that the moderate observers tend to overlook. In the new series of paintings, Adele Renault will once again display her fascination towards pigeons, this time with a truly special bird in her focus.

Adele Renault Exhibition Chicago creative
Left: Adele Renault - Camp 27 Days / Right: Adele Renault - Camp 4 Months

The Unordinary Story of Camp the Pigeon

The main man of the exhibition is surely Camp the Pigeon, a bird with the extraordinary life story. Saved from the inevitable death by the Chicago-based couple Mariah Naella-Keaton and George Keaton, this bird is not an ordinary creature but a worldwide social media phenomenon. Raised by the human surrogate parents since he was a hatchling, Camp became widely known due to the Instagram photos, posted regularly by the couple. The fascinating thing about Camp the pigeon is his human-like attitude and ability to adapt to the domestic living, which brought him almost 7,000 Instagram followers and almost 2,000 on Facebook. This particular pigeon became the inspirational subject for Adele Renault who often portrays street pigeons, trying to capture the enticing features of these disregarded animals.

Adele Renault Exhibition Chicago creative
Left: Adele Renault - Camp for President / Right: Adele Renault - Summer Camp

#CAMPTHEPIGEON Exhibition at Havas ANNEX Chicago

#CAMPTHEPIGEON exhibition will be open to the public on November 6th, running until November 27th, 2015 at Havas ANNEX, Chicago. The exhibit will encompass an array of new oil paintings, portraits of Camp the Pigeon at various moments of his life. The opening reception is scheduled for November 6th from 7 pm to 10 pm, with artist and the pigeon in attendance, so mark the date if you want to meet the talented Adele Renault or to see if Camp has a few words to say about contemporary art.

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Adele Renault - Camp 4 Months, detail
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Adele Renault in her Studio

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