Where to Buy Affordable Art Online in 2020

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June 22, 2020

As many of you already know collecting artworks is a wonderful but often an expensive endeavor. Works by prominent masters can range from several thousands to several million dollars and certain items can reach over one hundred million dollars at auctions.

Looking at these figures, it may seem that exceptional artworks remain out of reach for most, but nothing is further from the truth. These days artists, galleries, and buyers turn to the Internet and the constantly growing online market in search of remarkable but affordable pieces which resulted in the creation of numerous websites that offer a variety of artworks for every pocket. Affordable art mostly refers to pieces valued under $10 000 dollars, but a skillful collector can find original works for as low as $20 at some of these growing online platforms. The Affordable art category usually includes prints and photography by both emerging and established art-makers but you can also find an array of canvas paintings and various sculptures for a designated price.

Affordable pieces are not only a great way to start a collection whose value can significantly increase over time, but they also encourage buyers to follow their guts and buy works they like rather than things that are considered profitable and trendy. And even if the artwork fails to rise in value the joy you'll get from seeing it daily on your living room wall, might be the best return on your investment.

Whether you have $10 or $10 000 to spend on original painting, print or photography some other type of artwork we're sure you'll find just what you're looking for at the selected websites for buying original but affordable pieces online.

Featured images: Buy affordable artworks online photo via lisaaudit.com; Living room with affordable print and painting on wall, photo via leah-saulnier.pixels.

Fine Art America

The world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company, Fine Art America is home to hundreds of thousands of artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and iconic brands. Founded in 2006, they’ve grown into the world's premier online art marketplace and established a globally recognized brand, offering everything from wall art and home décor to lifestyle products and greeting cards.

When it comes to wall art, you can easily shop for paintings, photographs and illustrations by room, theme, medium, product type and color. To make your decision easier, Fine Art America even offers an augmented-reality mobile app that helps you see the artwork in your space before purchasing it. If you’re indecisive about what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the curated collections hand-picked by their staff, such as The Complete Slim Aarons Collection, Sports Illustrated Covers, Modern Comic Designs, Modern Abstraction and Sultry Flowers, among others. 

Featured image: Poolside Glamour by Slim Aarons, courtesy Fine Art America.


Providing artists with a successful tool in selling their art, Singulart is a prominent and trustworthy digital platform. They connect buyers with many hand-picked, up-and-coming, professional talents from all over the world, working across virtually all media.

At Singulart, there is a price range catering to everyone’s needs, and should collectors need more information, or a hand in deciding which artwork to buy, Singulart offers a personalized art advisory service as well.

Featured images: Sarah Amy Fishlock - Monterosso, Italy, 1982 / La Spezia, Italy, 2016, on sale at singulart.com


Led by its recognizable, democratic mantra "art for everyone", the online sales platform 20X200 offers its substantial worldwide community a large selection of photos, illustrations, drawings, collages, prints and paintings.

There are various ways to filter your search and you can browse through the list of over 300 members and over 1000 collections or you can select artworks by edition, orientation, color or size. You can start as low as $24 which is a starting price for original prints and go up to $10000 which is a limit for all artworks on site.

Featured images: Ansel Adams - Rock Formation on sale at 20X200 via 20X200.com


Founded in 2012, the Tappan online marketplace focuses on the young emerging art-makers and new collectors. The website was founded by Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein who work together with the represented society members to select artworks that will be on view and present them on the Internet in the best possible way. The duo also works with collectors and provides them with information about the affordable artworks on site.

Tappan is an excellent resource for everyone who are looking to discover new and exciting art-makers from all over the globe and are not afraid to take chances in investing in new hopefuls.

Featured images: Alice Quaresma - Wonderland 10 (on a wall) ; Lani Trock - Art and Commerce, 2016, photo via tappancollectie.com.


An online marketplace for all kind of original goods and crafty objects with one-of-a-kind design, Etsy offers an abundance of one-of-a-kind affordable pieces. Here you can find $5 prints that you can download, print and then frame yourself, and if you want an original piece to be mailed to you there's also plenty of unique prints to choose from at prices that often go under $20.

Due to the magnitude of the website searching is slightly difficult but if you know what you want you can find it easily by typing the words into a search box. And if you're not exactly sure what you want, then enjoy browsing through hundreds of thousands of artworks that are currently on sale at this comprehensive website. This is the biggest sales platform by far that currently encompasses over 400 000 paintings, over a 1 300 000 prints, 18.000 drawings and around 3000 photography and sculptural works.

Featured images: Etsy screenshoot via etsy.com.

Saatchi art

World's leading online marketplace Saatchi art offers an array of works for every pocket. All artworks are divided into several categories, that you can easily browse through useing criterias as price and style or check out works chosen by Saatchi curators.

Everything from fine line contemporary drawings and affordable contemporary nudes to Andy Warhol-inspired artworks can be purchased at prices that range between $500 and $10 000. And if you're not sure which artwork you should buy there's an online advisary service that will help you make the right choice.

Featured image: Saatchi logo via saatchiart.com.


The At Society6 platform has taken a very modern approach to art and encouraged its members to place their unique ideas and designs pretty much anywhere. On their website you can find and purchase anything from canvas and metal prints to one-of-a-kind beach towels and iPhone cases.

Society6 and its vast network of talented creatives has truly taken things to a new level, but still kept the prices down to earth. While visiting this platform print collectors will be surprised with how many artworks they can buy for just under $20.

Featured images: Rachel Rosemarie - Beautiful creatures, 2016 via society6.


Last but not least, you can find an outstanding selection of artworks on our very own website.

Our constantly growing Widewalls Marketplace offers aspiring collectors an opportunity to easily browse through the list of works by looking up a favorite artist or by choosing artworks from different genres including sculpture, painting, photography, prints, and many other affordable pieces.

If you're on a very tight budget we advise you to first define your price range and then start your quest to find the best piece you can afford! Widewalls Marketplace contains works by both established and emerging art-makers and enables you to make your purchase straight from the creators themselves or their representatives!

Whatever you are looking for, the Widewalls Marketplace is the right place to be!

Featured images: WideWalls Marketplace listing.