This Week's Collectors' Tip - Affordable Prints!

March 26, 2020

Under the current circumstances of Covid 19 pandemic crises happening on a global scale, we have to keep on living by focusing on being optimistic and caring. Consuming art in digital space is useful, but the live contact is irreplaceable.

To empower you to enjoy art in the comfort of your home and brighten up yourself up a bit, we selected ten affordable works on paper, all under $1000 that you can add to your collection while reading the text below.

Featured image: Sara Pope - Hard Candy (Edition), 2016. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Arman - Imenoteeth

The famous French-born American artist and proponent of the Nouveau réalisme group, Arman was an actual painter best known for his accumulations, objects that are deconstructed or reassembled to produce new meanings. Throughout his fruitful career, Arman also produced numerous drawings, prints, and monumental public sculptures.

This print called Imenoteeth nicely represents the artist’s interest in repetition and movement concepts found in music.

Buy the work here.

L'Atlas - White Seal

L'Atlas devotedly explores Arabic calligraphy through his graffiti based practice. After abandoning art history studies, he transferred gradually to writing and then to contemporary art. By appropriating the ancient Arab techniques and presenting in through his paintings and posters, L’Atlas quickly built an authentic aesthetic and earned international recognition.

The simplistic print White Seal was made by the artist in 2016.

Buy the work here.

Mark Rothko - Untitled, #15

The next artwork on our affordable top list was made by no other than a leading post-war master of abstraction, Mark Rothko. The iconic American is celebrated for his unique use of color and is saluted as the founding father of Color Field Painting. Although Rothko studied for a short while, he was essentially self-taught, and his specific, almost gestureless and highly contemplative treatment of the painterly surface made him internationally acclaimed.

Untitled #15 is a print of Rothko’s painting made in 1957.

Buy the work here.

Marisol Escobar - Rainbow People

Marisol Escobar, better known as just Marisol, was a French-American artist whose distinct sculptural artistic practice was primarily infused by folk art, Surrealism, Pop art, and the proto-feminist agenda. Marisol was mostly influenced by pre-Columbian imagery and she gained international acclaim in the 1960s for her mixed-media figurative groups.

Rainbow People is a print made by Marisol in 1979.

Buy the work here.

Shepard Fairey - Noise Lies Red

By combining the patterns inherited from both traditional and commercial art, American graphic artist and one of the leading proponents of the Street Art movement, Shepard Fairey creates recognizable aesthetic infused with social criticism. Fairey is best known for his 2008 Hope campaign, which portrays the former US president Barack Obama, in red, white, and blue.

Noise Lies Red is a print made by the artist in 2018 and is reminiscent of the 1920s Russian avant-garde posters.

Buy the work here.

Fin Dac - KUUJI

Fin Dac is a self-taught Irish street artist living in London best known for sensual portraits of modern geishas. He developed a specific painting technique by spattering vibrant colors around the eyes of the portrayed figures to create a more mysterious impression. Fin Dac is influenced by the dark graphic imagery of the artists such as Salvador Dalí and Francis Bacon and classic illustrators such as Aubrey Beardsley.

KUUJI is a beautiful geisha made by the artist in 2014.

Buy the work here.

James Roper - Burner (Ancestor of the Playa)

This particular artwork was produced by the American abstract surrealist James Roper. This artist often works with digital art software like Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop, and by using vectors he creates fascinating organic shapes that characterize his works. Abstract shapes and surrealist environments are fused together in whirls that enable the viewer to contemplate.

Burner (Ancestor of the Playa) is a beautiful print reminiscent of the Buddhist imagery made by Roper in 2019.

Buy the work here.

Jack Youngerman - Untitled 5 of 6 (from the Blue brown suite)

This artwork was made by the recently deceased American artist Jack Youngerman. This notable figure was celebrated for his abstractions saturated with simplified organic forms. Youngerman’s practice was under the influence of the legendary Modernist master Henri Matisse, as well as under the influence of his contemporary Ellsworth Kelly, with whom he shared a studio along with Barnett Newman, and Agnes Martin.

Untitled 5 of 6 (from the Blue brown suite) is a distinguished print made by Youngerman in 1978.

Buy the work here.

Sara Pope - Hard Candy (Edition)

Sara Pope is an artist who gained recognition for her astonishing images of seductive lips. Inspired by Haute Couture fashion, glamour and sexual power, she produces simplistic, pop compositions reminiscent of Tom Wesselmann that explore the notion of desire and the gaze. Pope’s every painting is based on the staged photograph of a model asked to think of love, flirtation, and happiness.

Hard Candy (Edition) is the print produced by the artist in 2016 and it perfectly illustrates her approach.

Buy the work here.

JR - GIANTS, Alain, April 13, 08.22 p.m., Havana, Cuba, 2019

The last affordable artwork on our top list was made by the French photographer and street artist JR best known for his large black-and-white images in public space. By combining different references and elements, JR produces well-articulated imagery that can be at moments socially engaged; the artist perceives his practice as a continuation of the tagging he was so committed to as a young graffiti artist.

GIANTS, Alain, April 13, 08.22 p.m., Havana, Cuba, 2019 is a print made by JR in 2019.

Buy the work here.

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