Alex Kanevsky Exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery - Research of the Unstable Equilibrium

September 4, 2015

Balance can be hard to find in pixelated and constantly shifting imagery by Alex Kanevsky, but the artist manages to create a unique Unstable Equilibrium in his latest solo show. Unstable Equilibrium solo show at Dolby Chadwick gallery will feature a series of paintings that depict untamed nature and equally wild nudes. All paintings, even those portraying interior scenes in homes or art studios, appear as if they've been painted in plain air. The atmosphere of Alex Kanevsky's paintings intoxicate viewers that often feel overwhelmed by the artist's striking, motion-blurred depictions.

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Alex Kanevsky - Waves

Fragmented Imagery of Alex Kanevsky

Alex Kanevsky creates fragmented imagery that portrays people, objects and landscapes endowed with a sense of mystery. His subjects are interrupted by the elements of the environment such as vegetation, sky and waves, that twirl in constant motion. Swift brushstrokes are moving his forms around the background, while simultaneously opening them up to allow colors, shapes and gestures to pass through the cracks. It is this wild alchemy of movement that lets these paintings attain their powerful impact. Bodies of Alex Kanevsky's subjects multiply, appear and then disappear in his intense, saturated compositions that seem so lively they practically pulsate.

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Alex Kanevsky - Fishing in America

Confident Nudes at Unstable Equilibrium

Unstable Equilibrium artworks are inspired by myth, history and legend. Main subjects of these paintings are nude bodies, nature's fragments and the interlacing of the two. Alex Kanevsky's nude female models are often depicted in everyday situations such as sitting, sleeping or bathing. The subjects are often turned directly toward the audience while they confidently bare it all. The purity and honesty of these stunning models captivate the viewers' attention and abolish the sensation of shame, often evoked by observing nakedness. Alex Kanevsky's JWI in the Dark Studio is probably the best representative of the artist's vigorous imagery. Naked female character is approaching the spectators with her arms open wide, as a sign of welcome. While gazing warmly into the darkness, the subject seems so uninhibited, so confident in her own skin that even the background of the painting radiates with flares of flesh-colored light. The fierce energy of Alex Kanevsky's characters is so powerful that it changes the environment they reside in.

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Left : Alex Kanevsky - JWI in her Room / Right : Alex Kanevsky - JWI in the Dark Studio

Natural Elements at Unstable Equilibrium

Unstable Equilibrium solo show by Alex Kanevsky will open on October 1st, 2015. In his latest works the painter's recognizable subjects are powerfully affected by natural elements. Nude bodies are covered or even merged with green foliage and blue waves, but although their forms are fractured, the observers are still able to apprehend them in full. Bare subjects become one with the background therefore completing the Unstable Equilibrium that Alex Kanevsky tries so hard to accomplish. The exhibit at Dolby Chadwick gallery in San Francisco will run till October 31st.

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All images courtesy of Dolby Chadwick Gallery

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