Alice Pasquini Interview - From Street Art to Fine Art and Back !

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October 3, 2015

Are fine art and street art truly that different phenomena? In our postmodern world, where the lines between high and low culture are blurred, and where sometimes the only difference between classical painting and the public piece of art is the question of their setting and not their technique, choice of represented subjects or aesthetic value we began to ask if this distinction is truly necessary. Even better, can these two phenomena coexist in perfect harmony? To answer that question we had a little help from Alice Pasquini, an outstanding visual artist from Rome who comes from the fine art educational background but prefers to create her pieces on the walls and in public spaces.

Alice Pasquini Interview
Alice Pasquini in Rome, 2011. Photo Jessica Stewart

Fine Artist Alice Pasquini in the Street Art Wonderland

Painter, illustrator, set designer, street artist, fine artist and a passionate traveler. There are so many attributes can be added to her name. Alice Pasquini draws her inspiration from those small moments in life and complex world of human relationships. Most of her works are influenced by those scenes or sceneries that capture her attention during the frequent travels. Emotional and passionate, the work of Alice Pasquini is always new and evolving. One of the best examples of her endless talent and readiness to go beyond the conventional is her Under Layers project created in collaboration with the photographer Stefano C. Montesi. It is the first time Alice had the opportunity to experiment with 3D art and the first results are astonishing. How artist herself feel about this recent artistic engagement is one of the themes discussed in the following conversation.

Alice Pasquini Interview
Alice Pasquini - The latest installation of 3D posters in Ostia for the Under Layers 3D street art project in collaboration with Stefano C. Montesi. Photo Jessica Stewart

Interview with Alice Pasquini

Widewalls editor Bojan Maric shared an amazing interview with the talented Alice Pasquini recently. During their talk, many interesting themes came up from the already mentioned differences between fine and street art, to her most recent projects, and plans for the future.

Did you know that there is only one continent that Alice hasn’t visited yet and left one of her works on the walls? Listen to our latest podcast episode and find out where Alice Pasquini is traveling next to fulfill her dream and all the rest you ever wanted to know about her work.

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Scroll down and enjoy more of Alice Pasquini's work...

Alice Pasquini Interview
Alice Pasquini - Non Mi Aspettate, 2013. Studio work, painted on recovered boat wood form the port of Taormina in Sicily

Alice Pasquini Interview, painting, way, people, paint
Alice Pasquini - Outdoor installation of Deep Tides Dry project in Rome, Italy in advance of solo exhibition in Portugal, 2015. Photo Jessica Stewart

Alice Pasquini Interview, painting, way, people, paint
Alice Pasquini - Outdoor Festival, Rome, 2015. Photo J. Stewart

Alice Pasquini Interview, paint, way, years, people, painting, like, life, contact
Alice’s sketchbook from 2013

Alice Pasquini Interview, paint, way, years, people, painting, like, life, contact
Alice Pasquini - Rome, 2011

All images courtesy of the artist

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