Altrove Festival and Galleria Varsi Present the ABSTRACTISM Group Show

February 16, 2017

Founded in Catanzaro in 2014 by Vincenzo Costantino and Edoardo Suraci, Altrove Festival had a mission to create cultural contents in the region. Focusing on promoting public murals in public areas, its specific intent was to give a voice to a generation and investigate an authentic movement through a modern representation of the town. In collaboration with Galleria Varsi, Altrove Festival is presenting Abstractism, a research project on Italian and European avant-garde murals exhibited in a group show. The exhibition will feature works by 108, 2501, Alberonero, Alexey Luka, Aris, Giorgio Bartocci, Clemens Behr, Ciredz, CT, Ekta, Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Gue, Martina Merlini, Moneyless, Nelio, Domenico Romeo, SBAGLIATO, Sten Lex, Tellas, and THTF - artists who have participated in the last two years of the festival.

2016 altrove festival presented luka catanzaro and alexey on the city walls
Left: Alberonero - Aria / Right: Nelio - Broken Sculpture

The Altrove Festival

Motivated by same values, these artists were united by having chosen the street as their canvas and by having had their roots lie in the abstract avant-garde movements. They have all met in Calabria to work together, share a unique experience and encourage valuable conversations. Invited to create public works in synergy with the existing environment, they have painted over 40 murals in the city over the course of the last two years. Their pieces are the result of the exchange of ideas between the specific history of the city and a variety of contemporary means of expression. Removing boundaries between art and architecture, space and place, these murals have transformed the city into a land with the social mission of stimulating new ideas through consistent and widespread visual experiences, touching urban spaces and natural landscapes.

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THTF - Sans Titre (detail)

Connecting the Past and Present

Besides organizing the production of public art, the festival has also hosted two group exhibitions where participating artists presented their paintings and installations: Abstractism - Collective Show in 2015 and Abstractism Humanize Landscape in 2016. Now, the works that have been created during these two years of the festival will be reunited in a group show that presents a variety of abstract visions. In addition to these pieces, the audience will also have an opportunity to see new works, as well as video and photographic materials gathered over time to celebrate the entire project, its energy, and effects. Creating a bridge between past and present, this group show aims to create a dialogue between contemporary artists and the art that has preceded them.

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Left: 108 - Sono Pieno Di Demoni / Right: Gue - Trasferimenti

The Group Show at Galleria Varsi

By grasping the artistic spirit of our time, Altrove Festival and Galeria Varsi share the continuous creative impulse to investigate its roots and boundaries and look at what lies beyond. Still, they maintain the awareness of the responsibility that comes from imposing images and art in the daily rhythm of life. Curated by Altrove, the exhibition Abstractism will be on view at Galleria Varsi in Rome from February 18th until March 9th, 2017. The opening reception will be hosted on Saturday, February 18th, from 6.30 to 9pm.

Featured images: Ciredz, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Sten Lex, Altrove Festival 2015; Sbagliato, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Nelio, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Gue, Altrove Festival. Photo Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Graphic Surgery,  Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Giorgio Bartocci,  Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Ekta (detail), Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Domenico Romeo, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; CT (detail), Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Clemens Behr. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; Alberonero, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz; 2501, Altrove Festival. Photo by Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz. All photos courtesy of Galleria Varsi and Altrove Festival.

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