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January 2, 2020

Marginalized at first, street art and graffiti first appeared on the American subways in the 1970s before reaching Europe in the 1980s alongside hip hop music. With the rise of the 21st century, street art and graffiti have taken the world by storm quickly evolving into a popular and desirable art form. What started as a subversive and radical act of creative vandalism is now popularized and adorned in galleries and museums worldwide.

For this collector's tip, we decided to bring together some of the most iconic street artists from the United States - the country where it all began. The majority of them are pioneers in their fields and true living legends. Enjoy!

Featured image: Keith Haring - No Nukes (detail), 1982. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

SEEN - Iron man

A true legend of the American graffiti scene, SEEN first emerged on the streets of New York City in the early seventies when the scene was in its inception. He is best known for vibrant and colorful lettering and masterful portrayals of mass-media cartoon characters and comic book heroes.

In this work, SEEN has appropriated the character of Iron Man, one of the most recognizable fictional superheroes from the Marvel Comics family.

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JonOne - Sans Titre

JonOne is another artist who began his career on subway trains in New York at the end of the 1970s. Over the years, he has developed a unique abstract language, concerned with the agitation and movement of color. His colorful and frenetic style which continues to make waves.

In this print, the artist combines freestyle, hand-painted aesthetics with a sense of repetition akin to textile patterns, creating uniquely balanced yet dynamic visual experience.

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Shepard Fairey - Obey Triptych

An icon of the contemporary art scene, Shepard Fairey has always been an artist who speaks his mind through his art. An American artist who emerged from the skateboarding scene, he has been inspiring generations of artists with his thought-provoking and often controversial pieces.

This triptych shows Andre The Giant, a character that first emerged on a sticker and later evolved into Fairey's exploration of control, questioning control, questioning the giant monolithic forces that we are all subjected to.

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Keith Haring - No Nukes

During his tragically short but prolific artistic career, Keith Haring left a deep mark in the world of contemporary art inspiring generations of future artists. After arriving in New York in 1978, he immersed himself in the city's downtown culture and quickly became a fixture on the artistic scenes.

Haring devoted his practice to themes of social justice and constant transformation, expressing his strong views through his unique and symbolic visual language. He raised awareness of a number of pressing issues of the time, including the dangers of nuclear weapons. The work No Nukes speaks of it.

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Retna - Sabrosura Negra

With more than fifteen years of prolific works behind him, Retna is one of the most praised calligraphers of today. He invented a distinctive constructed script which he incorporates, in one way or another, in all of his paintings and murals. The artist managed to transform the usual graffiti style into something that people who appreciate street art are not familiar with.

The work Sabrosura Negra also features his distinct constructed letters celebrated for their uniqueness and visual appeal.

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Ron English - vanity StarWars

An American contemporary artist, Ron English is known for coining the term POPaganda to describe his constant mixing of high and low art. This versatile artist is one of the founding fathers of street art and one of the forerunners of Pop Surrealism, he designs toys and sculptures, and he paints.

In the work vanity StarWars, English combines expert draftsmanship with a cynical, humorous critique of popular culture. The work, 35cm high, comes inside a protective plexiglass cap, placed on a column with a mirror.

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CRASH - Untitled

Continually at the forefront of Street Art, John Matos aka CRASH is known for dealing with the imagery of comics, giving it his own distinct flavor. Fusing pop iconography and graffiti, his work seems to depict the modern world’s pure essence.

Untitled embodies CRASH’s unique graffiti pictorial inventory close to comics with exploding colors and expressing the artist’s moods, feelings and thoughts.

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Tavar Zawacki - Metamorphosis #2

Formerly known as Above, Tavar Zawacki is a Berlin-based street artist working in a multitude of different mediums. One of the pioneers in the scene, he is known for the style characterizes by the use of bold colors, geometric patterns, Op Art elements, and trompe l’oeil illusion, but also for the proliferation of an arrow icon as a symbol of his art.

With the work Metamorphosis #2, the artist transitioned into newer areas of his creativity with a fearless attitude, breaking many barriers that blocked his true visual style to come forth.

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Mark Jenkins - Sweeper

One of the most famous American urban artists, Mark Jenkins is celebrated for his macabre and shocking street installations. His works are installed in such a manner that they inevitably interact with ordinary passersby, turning them into actors. His works are often described as macabre, shocking, situationist, and whimsical.

The work Sweeper is as much a social experiment as an art project.

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Dan Witz - Red Rubber Suit With Handcuffs (WTF Series)

A heavyweight and one of the pioneers of the Street Art movement, Dan Witz has been embellishing the urban spaces with birds, boats or characters appearing behind railings since the 1980s. The work of this multi-faceted artist today spans the realms of public art, graffiti, and fine-art painting.

In recent years, Witz has been combining traditional and digital tools in his intensive processes – using digital photographs as achromatic under-paintings and applying color with traditional glazing techniques that evoke the Old Masters. This present work is from his acclaimed 2010 WTF Series.

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