Andrew Vicari - Rembrandt of Riyadh

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October 31, 2016

Welsh portrait painter mostly working in France and the Middle East, Andrew Vicari remained a figurative artist working in oil throughout his career. This "Rembrandt of Riyadh" was appointed the official painter to the King and Government of Saudi Arabia in 1974 and in the next few decades painted most of the members Saudi royal family, as well as scenes of Riyadh and Bedouin life. He became so famous in the Gulf area that three museums in the Middle East are solely dedicated to his work. As of 2004 Vicari was Britain's richest living painter and, at one point, Britain 18th richest person with a net worth of $142 million.

Featured image: Andrew Vicari - La Naissance de la Nuit (Detail), 2006 - image via

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