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May 23, 2019

Throughout human cultures and times, people have been assigning symbolism to animals sharing our world. For artists, the animal world served as an endless source of inspiration, whether literally or figuratively. Whether appearing as symbols, teachers of moral lessons, aesthetic and scientific muses, talking creatures, or companions, these depictions served as vessels for happiness, distress, environmental issues, gender roles, and more.

The changing portrayal of animals in art reveals a lot about our times and the relationship between our two worlds colliding. We have prepared ten contemporary artworks inspired by the animal world which you can add to your collection.

Featured image: Nychos - Translucent California Bear, 2018.

Maximilian Pruefer - Black Butterfly

Conceptually examining the natural processes and phenomena, the German artist Maximilian Pruefer has created his own printing system, the so-called Naturantypie. Using a highly sensitive printer that creates the smallest contact with the surface while letting out the ink, he can record every movement.

The work Black Butterfly-Print #23 features butterfly scales on black paper.

See more info about the work here.

Alexander Calder - Seahorse

Alexander Calder's delicate mobile sculptures changed the course of modern art, but the artist also produced a significant painterly oeuvre. Organizing and contextualizing his ideas about movement and the relationships of objects within what he called the system of the universe, he created works with an uncanny, perfect visual balance.

This lithograph from 1975 features a seahorse executed in Calder's recognizable primary color palette.

See more info about the work here.

Pierre Yermia - Gazelle I

Pierre Yermia constantly strived to reach and capture moments of precarious and unlikely balance through his sculptural practice. Depicting human and animal characters, the artist tries to simplify the line without making it poorer, always giving it energy, drive, and then an indefinable breath.

Made of bronze, Gazelle I presents a slim and elegant animal often used as a symbol of femininity. Yermia highlights the finesse and the elegance of this animal, lengthening its proportions to reach a point of fragile balance.

See more info about the work here.

Thirsty Bstrd - Fast Food Monkey – Starbucks Beige

Thirsty Bstrd makes satirical comments about society, politics and consumerism using pray paint, stencils, stickers and videos. His work is imbued with powerful symbols and popular images, provoking and generating an emotion. Apart from pop culture iconography, his artworks are also packed with a variety of humorous statements.

Addressing the consumerism of contemporary society, the artist has created a series of works that depict a monkey consuming a variety of fast food products from chains like Starbucks, Burger King and McDonald's.

See more info about this work here.

Norma Bessieres - Zebra Seducteur

A French contemporary artist, Norma Bessières is known for her striking paintings with zebra motif. She explores the possibilities of this infinitely rich motif with unwavering determination, experiencing its grace and its astonishing geometry. Employing these elements in the most diverse forms, she here and there adds color or removes natural elements, multiplies points of view and changes the framing.

In the work Zebra Seducteur, the artist has created turbulent abstraction which plunges us into the living eye of the animal and thereby takes us back to our own humanity.

See more info about the work here.

BK FOXX - To The Moon

A street artist from New York, BK FOXX is also an animal lover on a mission to raise awareness of animal treatment and their rights. Using spray paint and brushwork, she depicts beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. A truly kindred spirit to her wildlife beings, she engages the viewer to realize the importance of caring and looking after the ones we share our planet with.

In the work To The Moon, the artist uses universal symbols to highlight how fellow living beings have their own soul, their spirit, or anima.

See more info about the work here.

Miss CoCo - My Sweet Sugar

Miss CoCo approaches painting and sculpture as a dive in the depth of her emotions. In her work, she combines the vibrant energy of "dripping techniques" with all the sensitivity and evasiveness of the abstract and the colorful Pop Art.

Transcending the boundaries of the imagination, the work My Sweet Sugar demonstrates the artist's boundless creativity.

See more info about the work here.

Nychos - Translucent California Bear

In his monumental and technically outstanding art pieces, Nychos offers an artistic take on anatomy. Inspired by his childhood memories populated by animals and brutal human behavior, he creates vibrant and surreal imagery. He is also a founder of the movement called REM - Rabbit Eye Movement, aimed to spread the idea of creative destruction.

In Translucent California Bear, Nychos aims to bring forward the truth which becomes evident only when you turn yourself inside out. Marking interference between the outside and the inside, he guides the viewer further into other dimensions.

See more info about the work here.

David Yarrow - Heaven Can Wait

Throughout his career, David Yarrow has been capturing the beauty of our planet through his camera lens. His work is imbued with great honesty, providing insight into some of the most breathtaking scenes on planet Earth. He has traveled to isolated locations to capture images of wildlife, indigenous communities and landscapes, characterized by a strong artistic note.

A timeless photograph, Heaven Can Wait captures a magical moment after many quiet days in the field. Primal and raw, the photograph juxtaposes a dramatic sky with the only sign of life on the flat dustpan below.

See more info about this work here.

The Lie - Stardust

A Chicago-based artist, The Lie is a fine artist turned street art aficionado, manifesting a unique style that crosses contemporary and street art. Most of his work includes spray paint, acrylic, pencil, and some non-traditional techniques/mediums.

The work Stardust features a fox set against a starry background, executed with expressionist lines and a soft color palette.

See more info about the work here.

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