Antoine Gamard Art Emanates Raw Energy - at Galerie Celal

October 21, 2016

Parisian artist Antoine Gamard returns to Galerie Celal in November to display his newest body of work under the series, Almost Dead. Aesthetically, Gamard’s paintings elaborate the harmonious shapes, blending the colors and shapes into abstract reality, consisted of pure "objects of delight". His understanding of our society is a dizzying vision, sensory and poetic, beautiful hence sad and dramatic. With the latest series of paintings created in 2015 and 2016, Gamard shows his visual interpretation of the growing environmental concerns and visions of the present condition of both humans and animals.

Left: Antoine Gamard - Un Elephant Ivre, 2016 / Right: Antoine Gamard Octopus, 2016
Left: Antoine Gamard - Un Elephant Ivre, 2016 / Right: Antoine Gamard Octopus, 2016

Painting the Parisian Jungle

Antoine Gamard is born in 1977 in Paris and he grew up in thirteenth arrondissement known as the Parisian jungle. Most of his childhood, he was discovering abandoned, repressed, fallow spaces in attempt to flush out their waste and to create another reality. After he finished formal art education at the School of Fine Arts in Paris within the studio of Claude Viallat, he has specialized in screen printing, which encouraged him to include the effects of repetition and layering as an integral part of his creative process. In 2010, after he moved to Toulouse, he developed authorship in creation of the abstract art with the superimposition of patterns and writings. After all these professional turns and visible references to the artists he admires – Mondrian, Cy Twombly or Kandinsky, the work of Antoine Gamard stays close to the graffiti art, his childhood introduction to the art world. In his own words, graffiti could tell the story of the city, completely different than the street itself, trough its transformative potential which goes far beyond letters and colors.

Left: Antoine Gamard - Bird on Flower Branch, 2015 / Right: Antoine Gamard - L'été Indien-Still Wild, 2016
Left: Antoine Gamard - Bird on Flower Branch, 2015 / Right: Antoine Gamard - L'été Indien-Still Wild, 2016

Visual Poetry of the Dying World

One of the main themes in his new body of work are animals, and with the emphasis on the endangered and rare species. In his artwork there is specific sentiment for the cruelty against animals, and he frequently points out the human responsibility for all the living creatures. Its no wonder his new exhibition holds the name “Almost Dead” since it is reflection of the present state in which life of the animal world is entirely in the hands of humanity. Gamard pessimistically states that the humans are the worst creatures of the animal kingdom, but somehow we still believe we are better. The contrasts between urban and natural motifs in his concept of urban jungle, provokes dialogue and rise awareness of the political and ecological problems within contemporary societies. In his poetic depictions of the ghost-like animals surrounded by abstract urban environment, an ephemeral nature of the dialogue between the Creation and the contemporaneity is shown. The opposition between the nature and the city is falsely imposed, since these two worlds meet in his oneiric visions and melt into the surreal collages depicting unity of the living world and human closeness to extinction.

Antoine Gamard - Homeless Kingdom, 2015
Antoine Gamard - Homeless Kingdom, 2015

Almost Dead at the Galerie Celal

Galerie Celal regularly exhibits the emergent artists of contemporary art scene and proudly presents the Antoine Gamard‘s new show Almost Dead. For this occasion, gallery edited and published the catalogue with the exciting essay “The revenge of the signified - variation on the work of Antoine Gamard” by Guillaume Sire. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 9th November untill Saturday, 3rd December 2016 at Galerie Celal, 45 Rue St Honore, Paris. The gallery is opened Tuesdays to Saturdays 2pm-7pm and it is also possible to arrange appointment upon request.

Featured images: Antoine Gamard - Homeless Kingdom, 2015; Antoine Gamard - Gorille, 2016;Antoine Gamard - Octopus, 2016. All images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

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