These are the Best Art and Architecture Publications That Come in Print

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May 30, 2016

When visual arts meet articulate, compelling language, more often than not a magazine is born. Art and architecture have been particularly fruitful fields that inspired the creations of numerous books, zines, blogs, magazines, and other publications. It makes sense, after all, considering that visually stunning artworks simply demand elaboration, information and in many cases upfront admiration. Fascinating artworks and architecture pieces filled the pages of daily and weekly newspapers in the early stages of publishing and in the beginning of the 20th century the first specialized magazines were created.

Rich with photographs and intricate in style, these magazines make a perfect reading for professionals and admirers alike. And although we do live in a digital age where everything is available with a click of a button, the intricate art of the printed word still manages to find a way to survive. The feel in the hands, the ability to use them anywhere (without power charging), the smell of freshly printed paint... these are the things that make print editions an irreplaceable part of our lives. Some of the oldest and finest art and architecture magazines are still being published, mostly on a monthly or bimonthly basis, so, next time when you walk by a newsstand we suggest you pick up one of these.

Joint with a comfortable couch and a cup of coffee (or tea) these magazines can make up for a perfect day.

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Insightful and luxurious publication ARCHITECT is the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects. ARCHITECT is a monthly magazine that's especially useful to young professionals in the business. The publication provides a variety of articles that can help boost the careers of aspiring architects - from business tips and education to presenting innovative technologies and products and the latest tendencies in design and culture. The magazine also covers important forms of the business and presents inspirational ideas for further developing the wonderful world of architecture. The ARCHITECT magazine is known for awarding a series of highly acclaimed prizes to the best professionals in architecture and design.

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Western Art and Architecture

Western Art&Architecture is the US-based magazine for collectors and enthusiasts that focuses on America’s love affair with Western visual arts. This is a wonderfully illustrated publication full of features, columns, and photography that presents classic Western masters and rising stars based in creative communities from Texas to the West Coast. Everything from advice on how to buy a house to the latest tendencies in painting and sculpture is featured in this magazine also available in digital form.

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ARTnews Magazine

ARTnews Magazine is one of the oldest art magazines in the world. The magazine was first published in 1902 with a mission of offering a balanced insight into the works of contemporary, modern and old masters. Today, the US-based publication is sold all over the globe to an audience estimated at 200 000 readers. The more recent issues of the magazine also include stories about prominent collectors, museum directors, and scholars. A special part of every issue is dedicated to the latest trends on the market to the news from the world of design. The magazine is issued 11 times a year and some editions come with special themes such as the "crime issue" and the "icons issue", for instance.

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Editor's Tip : ARTnews Magazine

For over 100 years this informative and entertaining magazine has been the choice of art lovers around the globe. The publication owes its success to a versatility of topics and the eloquence of the written language that makes it understandable to professionals and novice alike. Widely praised for its insightful reviews and investigative stories ARTnews Magazine is a number one choice for everyone who want or need to be "in the know" about the occurrences in the world of art.

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By focusing primarily on young indie creatives Juxtapoz magazine has become an unavoidable resource for everyone that are looking to know more about interesting outsider artists of today. Juxtapoz shows fresh and rebellious works to the audience and focuses on the underground movement of graffiti, pop art, street art but also lesser-known genres such as tattoo or comic book art. Though the magazine highlights the works of emerging art-makers, there's numerous features that offer a fresh approach to famous contemporary masters as well.

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Editor's Tip : Juxtapoz

The magazine that deals with works often unnoticed by many is not only a fantastic and fun reading but also an educational material. The ability to find and present the rising stars on the scene and offer a different whimsical perspective on old master's works have made this magazine a "must have" for worldwide audience. Beautiful, thought-provoking and at times disturbing, Juxtapoz is the perfect magazine for everyone who like alternative culture and design.

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Architectural Record

Another publication with over a century-long tradition is Architectural Record magazine. The print issues are full of project images and comments made by some of the leading professionals in the industry, which is why the magazine does a great job in keeping people interested and informed about the latest trends in architectural communities, and about the wonderful works in architecture. Architectural Record is a great choice for professionals in the industry because it's more technical than other publications (Architectural Digest for example) but still leaves plenty of room for fun entertaining stories that can appeal to a wider crowd.

Editor's Tip : Architectural Record

Essential to the profession for more than 110 years, Architectural Record provides a compelling editorial mix of ideas and trends, building science, business and professional strategies. The magazine also deals with the exploration of key issues, latest products and computer-aided practice. Stay connected with the latest developments in the world of architecture by subscribing to this exceptional publication.

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Art in America

Don't be fooled by its name this magazine is a comprehensive publication that follows the latest artistic developments in the US and abroad. The comprehensive publication deals with all styles and forms including both classical and contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and many other genres. The magazine takes pride in the numerous interviews done with both emerging and established art-makers and other professionals such as famous collectors, experts, curators, and gallery owners. This monthly magazine also includes numerous exhibition reports from the spot and book reviews including biographies of famous masters and collections of specific artworks.

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Editor's Tip : Art in America

Every month this comprehensive publication creates a fascinating picture of the ever-changing cultural scene. Whether you have an interest in classic pottery or modern artistic movements, you will find gorgeous photographs and a unique insight into each type of artwork. The large full-color photographs that accompany each article help better understand techniques used by each artist.

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Architectural Digest

Since 1920, Architectural Digest has been the leading authority in the world of architecture and design. In the 1960s the publication began to focus more on the interior design, and today, the magazine features numerous decorating ideas for kitchens, living rooms, children facilities and so on. Architectural Digest is known for its well-composed lively images of exterior and interior residencies as well as for composing lists of 100 best architects and interior designers around the world.

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Editor's Tip : Architectural Digest

As the leading international authority, Architectural Digest offers exclusive access to the best in decorating, shopping, antiques, and travel destinations. AD brings inspiration, ideas, and sources from across the spectrum— from sleekly modern to grandly traditional, and everything in between. The magazine that's known for its stellar photography in and engaging articles is an absolute must-have for all interior design enthusiasts.

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Dwell magazine encompasses both interiors and exteriors of modern home design and presents smart solutions for people and architects working with a variety of budgets. Whether you are an architect who needs some serious designing inspiration, or just a house owner looking for quick and practical advice on redecorating your home Dwell magazine will help you in making the right decision. Every issue of Dwell magazine is themed, so, one month can be dedicated to a Southwest-inspired design while the other might help you make the most of a spare room in your house. Unlike many other architecture magazines out there, Dwell isn't Western-centric but it includes interesting designs from around the world that simultaneously look livable and eye-catching.

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Editor's Tip : Dwell

With content that is as beautiful as it is useful, Dwell magazine is great reading material to keep on your coffee table or in your office common area. Brilliantly colored photos perfectly complement the written content and will inspire you the next time you get the urge to update your home. Not only does Dwell spark ideas, it also explains in detail how to achieve the looks shown in its beautiful illustrations. The magazine's marketplace section is great for tracking down specific pieces that catch your eye in the magazine.

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