The Ultimate Art App List

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January 28, 2017

Ever since the digital age kicked in, the way we experience the world of the arts changed radically; from the very act of making masterpieces to the visitors who don’t even have to leave their homes to see them anymore. This is why an art app is becoming an important part of the whole concept, as museums, galleries, educational institutions and enthusiasts alike rely on mobility and accessibility to promote their services and showcase their very best features. Those who embraced the new era of information sharing made sure there is a little something for everyone, and within a few clicks (or taps) range, from extensive and comprehensive history lessons to entire virtual museums right on your screen. Interested in finding a legendary piece of street art near you? Looking to buy an affordable artwork by a renowned contemporary artist? Want to be up-to-date with all the events and happenings in the arts world? As you’re probably used to it by now - there’s an app for that.

That being said, we’ve gathered the very best art apps out there at the moment.


One of the most exciting apps out there, ArtBit lets you experience insider insights and offbeat discoveries from artists and enthusiasts wherever art is. Snap to recognize the artwork and artist, create your own evolving catalog of favorite captured artworks, include personal notes and contact the artist or gallery in a click! Discover street art, art events, artist studios and much more, explore current exhibitions and art events around the world.Enhance your organic experience with a world of digital endeavors!

Geo Street Art

For all street art lovers who wish to discover new walls and murals in big cities like New York or London, Geo Street Art offers comprehensive guides to the global scene, regularly updated maps with detailed information about each piece, as well as a possibility for you to share what you discover! Don’t forget to also filter your favorite artists and look for their artworks nearby! With urban art as such an ephemeral movement, this art app becomes its powerful archival tool today.

UBS Planet Art

“Art at your fingertips” is how the USB Planet Art describes its app and they are quite accurate. News, trends, review and all kinds of information in a free platform for both iOS and Android, also featuring trending artists, cities, institutions and the very best of contemporary arts today. Here, there are all the relevant news outlets, in a single place, with a great possibility for users to personalize their stream and get just the information they’re interested in.

The Met App

When we talk about world-renowned museums keeping up with modern times, there is probably no better example that The Met and its beautifully designed app. Of course, it mainly revolves around the activities of the museum itself, these being events, exhibitions and browsing through their remarkable permanent collection. If you haven’t been there yet, here you can find recommendations on what to see first, from artworks to architecture and more. Truly a rich experience!

Art Intelligence

If we try to sum up to complex story behind Art Intelligence, it would be “publishing app art stories”. Targeting galleries, auction houses, libraries, museums and universities, for instance, it aims to engage all members of the arts community through engaging publications. For now, there are four compelling ones dedicated to the art of Cindy Sherman, Patricia Piccinini, Keith Haring and Seydou Keïta, all worth our while and all showing us what a comprehensive retrospective of a legend’s work would look like.


Over a thousand masterpieces in the Archive of the DailyArt app are ready for us to explore, along with a story each of them hides. Described by many as a must-have for arts lovers, it contains a significant number of famous artists and paintings, best viewed on bigger screens such as iPad’s. Inside, you can create a gallery of personal favorites and join over 350,000 existing members! You may download the appliction for free and it is working on both the iOS and Android system.

Art Authority for iPad

While the app above focuses on more modern times, Art Authority for iPad contains some 100,000 paintings and sculptures organized into eight period-specific rooms from ancient times to today, such as Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and American rooms! Search for and compare different artists’ works by title, subject or location or just wander at random rooms and get lost in everything this platform has to offer, in many languages too. Designed for iPad, it costs $9,99 and, as we can see from the name, it is designed for iPads.


Do you want to own digital artwork by renowned artists like Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Jenny Holzer or Bill Viola, but you’re on a budget? With (s)edition, your dream can come true. For incredible prices, you can get an artwork meant for your phone, computer or tablet only - digitally watermarked, numbered and delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity, of course. This is your chance to collect and enjoy limited edition artworks, exclusively created in digital media by the world’s greatest contemporary artists, accessible to you anytime and on any screen.


Like Shazam for artworks, Magnus helps you find out about a piece of art you see and like. Once you take a picture, the app will let you know who made it, when and sometimes even give you the price of it! Their mission is to democratize access to the art world and their map shows galleries and museums near you, including current shows and opening hours. Save all the artworks you love in your own digital collection and share via Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, email or text message! As such, it surely is a unique app related to the art world out there.


Fan of typography and its history? Then Typendium is the perfect art app for you. Sophisticated and easy to use, it features the stories behind some of the world’s greatest typefaces through a collection of short essays and illustrations: for instance why Gill Sans is considered controversial, or why Palatino is the world’s most pirated typeface. The application is free, although some of the stories are available after an in-app purchase, which we strongly recommend!