Our 10 Art Bar Favorites - Perfect Places to Chill and Contemplate

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July 8, 2016

Is there a better place to chill, relax and enjoy during this summer than a nice art bar ? An art bar provides its customers with great atmosphere, thought rovoking art (whatever the style is), drinks and often food. As we are approaching the peak of the summer season, nice bars can be found in those cities that are on the list of the most popular travel destinations. Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London have the most popular art bars in the world. But there are many other places across the globe that can be proud of their art bars’ tradition, such as Melbourne, Istanbul, Lisbon, Berlin, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, and many more.

We wrote about graffiti restaurants around the world, bringing you tips on where to enjoy food, weather you are a Street Art buff or a creative spirit of any kind. On the other hand, we told you which Chelsea restaurants you should check out during a walking through one of New York's main gallery districts. But, art bars are slightly different...

There are various types of art bars. Many of them located on beaches, on the seaside, and they are usually decorated by street or graffiti art pieces where you can have fun drinking cocktails and other drinks. On the other hand, there are more fancy bars, usually located in big cities such as New York or London, where there are bars with fine art pieces on the walls. In addition, there are art bars that are located near galleries, or bars that also serve as an art space – a space for exhibitions and shows. Finally, there are bars and cafes where famous artists used to go out, where fellow artists today go and discuss art related issues.

Almost all bars have some pieces of art as part of their decoration. But, when it comes to art bars, it’s not about simple artworks made by non-professionals; art bars base their concept on the real interest in contemporary art; they have valuable artworks; shows and exhibitions are being organized, and the concept of these bars is based on the mix of pleasures of art and bar services. Once put together, bars and art create truly wonderful atmosphere. They are beautiful in aesthetical sense, and they also create a comfortable space where one can really relax and contemplate.

Editors’ Tip: Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939

So many famous artists were Bohemians. They used to go out together, drink together, and discuss art and politics in cafes. Paris is probably best-known for its famous Bohemian cafes. But not only Paris, London, New York and other cities as well. They were often drunk and broke, sometimes hungry, but they were of a rebellious spirit. If you want to learn more about the Bohemian way of life, we recommend you a book that is titled Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939. It is written by Virginia Nicholson -- the granddaughter of painter Vanessa Bell and the great-niece of Virginia Woolf. She explores the subversive, eccentric, and flamboyant artistic community of the early twentieth century.

Scroll down and choose your favorite art bar, no matter where you are in the world!

Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco

Madrone Art Bar is located in San Francisco and it isn't your typical art bar. It is a constantly changing site-specific installation art environment where two and three-dimensional works, multi-media, and performance are combined. All art forms can be seen at this place. With the beautiful artworks that are all around, good music always plays, while it’s nightly festivities and interior space are structured and orchestrated to blur boundaries between the architecture, everyday commodities, art objects, sound, video, performance, and social life.

Featured Image: Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco (cortesy of zanda.com)

R House Bar in Miami

R House is a unique casual fine dining restaurant and lounge with an integrated gallery right in the heart of Miami's vibrant Wynwood arts district serving a contemporary and eclectic mix of different types of food. The bar is working with the White Porch Gallery, the curators of the art exhibits within the R House walls. In this great bar, you can also eat, while menu looks fantastic. The atmosphere is very vibrant, and it’s a perfect combination of great art, drinks, food and music.

Featured Image: R House bar in Miami (courtesy of miamimusicweek.com)

Le Bicilette Art Bar in Milan

This amazing bar in Milan is characterized by a number of bicycles that are all around, and providing a unique atmosphere in the place. The perfect mixture of great design and menu is combined with art. Here, you can also enjoy nice music, jazz for example, and here you can spend great time with your friends. The place is not full of tourists, so you can experience truly remarkable Milanese atmosphere. But it’s design what makes Le Bicilette Bar so perfect.

Featured Image: Le Biciclette Art Bar in Milan (courtesy of thegreenwatcher.com)

Art Bar Las Vegas

The Art Bar at the Downtown Grand is an intimate, funky space with art on the ceiling. Art Bar serves a variety of wines, sparkling wine and specialty cocktails. But what make this place special are replicas of famous artworks that are put on the ceiling. You’ll also sometimes find eclectic art installations from local artists around the bar area in Las Vegas. More information about the bar you can find here.

Featured Image: Art Bar Las Vegas

Pensao Amor Lisbon

Pensão Amor is located in a typical Portuguese 18th-century building. Long time ago, it was a pension with rooms clients used for prostitutes. The ceiling of this wonderful bar is painted with frescoes; the walls are covered with mirrors, paintings and old posters. This is one of the most popular bars in Lisbon, so sometimes it’s quite difficult to find a space.

Featured Image: Pensao Amor in Lisboa (courtesy of lisboacool.com)

La Palette Cafe in Paris

La Palette is one of the most famous Parisian cafes from the era of Bohemians. It’s located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, at the intersection of Rue de Siene and Rue Jacques-Callot. This place was often visited by famous names, such as Cézanne, Picasso and Braque. If you want to feel how Paris art scene looked like in the 1930s, La Palette is the perfect place for you when you’re in Paris.

Featured Image: La Palette Cafe in Paris (courtesy of flyingpigexpress)

Section 8 in Melbourne

Section 8 is a bar in Melbourne, Australia that street and urban art lovers will adore! Perfect in the summer, great all year round, Section 8 is the definition of an outdoor bar. Open every day, the space is full of graffiti and has old wooden pallets strewn about in place of chairs. It also plays great music, with genres such as Rock and pop, Dance and electronic.

Featured Image: Section 8 bar in Melbourne (courtesy of barcentral.com.au)

Proud Camden Bar in London

Boasting a legacy of music history and based in a one-of-a-kind building, Proud Camden offers a truly special venue for the live music events, launches, private parties and photography exhibitions. Indeed, Proud Camden will be particularly interesting for those who are interested in contemporary photography. Proud Camden takes the form of a gallery space and bar by day. Night sees the space become the ultimate venue for cutting edge live music and a hectic club after dark.

Featured Image: Proud Camden bar in London

Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv

Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv is more than a bar; it’s almost a nightclub. It is a music and art-focused nightlife institution nestled into the creative crux of south Tel Aviv. It is owned and operated by a collective of Tel Aviv DJs, artists and party personas and is definitely one of the most popular places for going out in the Israeli largest city. In addition, you can eat great food here.

Featured Image: Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv (courtesy of telavivparty.com)

Oak Bar at Plaza Hotel in New York

Overlooking the vibrant views of Central Park South, The Oak Room and Oak Bar at The Plaza are one of New York City's most iconic institutions. Oak Room and Oak Bar are separated, but they are connected by a corridor. The Oak Bar was established in its current location on the northwest corner of the Plaza Hotel in 1945. Three Everett Shinn murals were commissioned for the 1945 opening and remain in place. Although it’s a high-class venue, you should use the opportunity to visit this iconic bar once you’re in New York City.

Featured Image: OAK Bar at Plaza Hotel in New York(courtesy of oaklongbarkitchen.com). All Images used for illustrative purposes only.