.ART Internet Domain Ready for Launch! The World of Arts and Culture Finally Gets its Own Domain

May 31, 2016

The Internet is a place for everyone, a home to us all, and a perfect tool for our creative minds! So it is no wonder that the time has finally come for an .ART domain to be launched. The arts and culture fields will have their own domain name which will make it easier to identify their website with the world of arts. The name of the .ART domain was the idea of UK Creative Ideas Limited which will also be an exclusive operator of the said domain as they have agreed with ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). The new .ART will be available to the art organizations starting Autumn 2016.

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.art logo via yahoo.com

.ART Domain Goals

John Matson, the CEO of UKCI said that their goal is to support the galleries, museums, auction houses, and other institutions related to the world of arts. Their aim is to help the brands of said institutions, to help and inspire new organizations to become even bigger and more prominent, and to build a community on the .ART domain real estate. The ultimate goal is to inspire young players and to make it possible for them to find their spot on the art scene. The positive impact .ART domain will make is that it will allow immediate identification with the art world, which is always a plus if you are young and new in the business.

.art domain domains  registration registry  policy  services  hosting web  search  names available  contact
Ulvi KASIMOV via prweb.com

Who Made .ART Possible?

The London-based company UK Creative Ideas Limited is the one responsible for the launch and the development of the .ART domain. The founder of UKCI, Ulvi Kasimov, a businessman and one of Russia’s leading venture capitalists, recognized by Forbes, serves on the Board of Trustees at the Moscow Multi-Media Art Museum. He has sponsored a great deal of important exhibitions and publications, including the Russian Art from Private Collections: Borovikovsky to Kabakov at the ABA Gallery in New York, back in 2012. The CEO of UKCI, John Matson, used to be an executive at Architelos and partner with Ernst & Young and KPMG, where he was an advisor of ICANN on the gTLD program.

.art domain domains  registration registry  policy  services  hosting web  search  names available  contact
The Internet Messenger by Buky Schwartz in Holon via wikipedia.org

How can I get an .ART domain?

For all the people who would love to get the .ART domain, the bad news is, you have to wait until Autumn of 2016. However, the good news is that you can request the domain on the official website of .ART. The future is here and it is now (okay in Autumn, but you get the point). No longer will we have to wonder if we are at the right place when searching for something art-related. No longer will the world have to be satisfied with the boring .com, or .org, or .net for something creative and beautiful. .ART domain will surely change the Internet portion of the art world, and will make the search easier, and the whole online space more organized and simpler.

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Featured image: .art via fundraising.co.uk