Art Elysees 2017 - Reinventing Itself Yet Another Year

September 14, 2017

Taking place every year in October, Art Élysées - Art & Design is one of the major events during the Parisian Art Week, contributing to the capital’s artistic dynamism and activity. Offering reliable assets, valuable works of art and an alternative to the current art market, it is a key event for art aficionados and collectors from all over the world. For the 11th time, Art Élysées - Art & Design is now back on the Champs Élysées avenue to showcase a truly exceptional range of art. Thriving on remarkable dynamics, the eleventh edition of the fair will be composed of four sections, each under an ephemeral pavilion set along the Avenue des Champs- Élysées, that will house a broad array of modern art, contemporary art, urban art and twentieth-century design furniture.

The art section, comprised of modern and contemporary art, will bring together 62 French and international galleries, showcasing contemporary artists alongside some of the greatest references that have marked art history of the 20th century. With its immersive program, the fair will once again serve as an international meeting point for gallery owners, collectors, specialists and art enthusiasts.

Man Ray, Jean Dubuffet
Left: Man Ray - The Mug Drawing III, 1943. Signé et daté en bas au milieu Titre « The Mug Drawing III » au dos. Stylo and encre de Chine, pinceau et lavis gris sur papier. 62,9 x 48,6 cm. Courtesy Francesco Vangelli De Cresci / Right: Jean Dubuffet - Paysage du mental (avec concrétions se chevauchant) ou Paysage des contrées mentales, août 1951. Huile sur isorel -60 x 73 cm. Signée et datée au dos J. Dubuffet Août 51 Intitulée au dos Paysage des contrées mentales Paysage mental avec concrétions se chevauchant. Courtesy Galerie des Modernes

Art Elysees Exhibitors

The art section at the eleventh edition of Art Élysées - Art & Design will welcome 62 galleries that exhibit high quality works. It will be a place where visitors can meet artists, museums, foundations and cultural institutions. Be sure to check out booths by Art To Be Gallery from Lille, exhibiting contemporary, urban and singular art; Galerie Nichido from Tokyo, specialized in the Western-style oil painting; Opera Gallery from New York, Miami, Aspen, London, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, Beirut, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul, presenting modern and contemporary art; Helene Bailly Gallery from Paris, showcasing modern and contemporary masterpieces; Waltman Ortega Fine Art from Miami and Paris, representing emerging to established international artists specializing in painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video; Francesco Vangelli De Cresci Gallery from Paris, specialized in paintings and works on paper from the Forties to Nineties; and Galerie Hurtebize from Cannes, exhibiting the great names of Modern and Postimpressionist Art, while forthrightly defending young talents on the international contemporary scene; among others.

List of Exhibitors and Floor Plan


For this 11th edition, the fair will set up different events within the fairgrounds, such as the exclusive exhibition by the artist Fred Kleinberg titled Odyssey hosted in the Pavilion A, in the art section. A moving testimony of his immersion in refugee camps, the exhibition aims to report on the migratory phenomenon that is shaking up the contemporary world. In collaboration with the NGO Médecins du Monde, Kleinberg paid regular visits to refugee camps such as the one in the Calais Jungle, in the Grande Sainte camps, on the island of Lesbos, and the camps of Karatepe and Moria. After meeting the refugees, the artist has produced an exclusive series of large format paintings and drawings, capturing the plight and the exodus of these people. From pictures taken on the spur of a moment to live sensations, these works resulted from human encounters, tales of life experiences, geographical shifts. These works are accompanied by recorded sounds comprised of interviews of migrants, stories from volunteers and humanitarian coordinators sounds from the landscape and the daily lives of refugee camps and a soundtrack created in collaboration with the musician François-Régis Matuszenski.

The Location  of Art Élysées - Art & Design

Practical Information

Art Élysées - Art & Design will take place at four Pavilions at Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris (from place Clemenceau to place de la Concorde) from October 19th until October 23rd, 2017. The preview for press and professionals will be held on  Wednesday, October 18th, from 2 to 6 p.m. The vernissage will be held on Wednesday, October 18th, from 6 to 10 p.m. The doors of the fair will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday. The price of the ticket will be 15€ and the price of the catalog will be 20€. For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

Pierre Riba, César
Left: Pierre Riba - Billy the Kid, 2014. 93x41x14. Courtesy Galerie GNG / Right: César - Malboro light. Portrait de compression de paquets de cigarettes Malboro light, 70 x 60 cm, mine de plomb, signé en bas à droite, caché de l’empreinte du pouce. Courtsy Galerie Najuma

Alain Le Boucher
Alain Le Boucher - Triangles instables, 2017. Programme électronique, LED’s, Diamètre 48 cm. Courtesy Galerie Olivier Waltman

Geneviève Claisse
Geneviève Claisse - Sans titre, 1963. Gouache sur vélin - 44 x 44 cm / format papier 55 x 65 cm. Courtesy Galerie Wagner

Francis Bacon, Manuel Merida
Left: Francis Bacon - Figure assise, 1983. Gravure et aquatinte, estampillé / sable de marbre - 102 x 70 cm. H.C Edition 100. Courtesy Galeria Vicky Cortina / Right: Manuel Merida - Cercle rose clair, 2016-01. Courtesy Espace Meyer Zafra

François Morellet
François Morellet - Pi piquant 1=40º, 50 décimales, 2001. Gravure, 21 x 29,5 cm, 75 exemplaires + XV EA. Courtesy Jordan/Seydoux – Drawings & Prints

Niki de Saint-Phalle
Niki de Saint-Phalle - Daddy. Courtesy David Guiraud

GAO Xingjian, Antonio Saura
Left: Gao Xingjian - Au dela, 2005. Encre sur papier - H. 85 x 86 cm. Signé et daté en bas à droite, Gao xyingjian. Courtesy Galerie Berès / Right: Antonio Saura - Pacheco II. 1979. Huile sur toile - 130 x 97 cm, Provenance: Galería El Coleccionista, Madrid. Private collection, Madrid. Courtesy Calzada & Cervello

Jerzy Goliszewski
Jerzy Goliszewski - Tiger Käfer, 2015. Aluminium peint - 108 x 108 cm. Courtesy Bailly Gallery

AndreaTorres, Richard Yukenbarri
Left: AndreaTorres - Cosmos. Mixed Media 142x112cm. Courtesy Galerie Alzueta / Right: Richard Yukenbarri - Untitled, Acrylique sur toile, 153 x 122 cm, 2015 © Photo by Richard Yukenbarri TJAKAMARRA

Sam Francis
Sam Francis - Quiet eye, Acrylique sur toile - 50 x 60,6 cm - 1986. 68,6 x 78,8 cm (avec cadre). Cette oeuvre est répertoriée sous le n°SFF.1362 dans les archives de la Fondation Sam Francis Courtesy Helene Bailly Gallery

Featured image: Dongsu LEE - Flow-Bowl, 2017. Huile sur toile - 162.2X112.1cm. Courtesy Garam Gallery.

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