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May 3, 2017

More and more galleries are starting to curate their exhibitions by using grass-roots approaches – being closer to the artists as well as the viewers, trying to remain small-scale and honest, and allow the works to truly show their foundations, live, breathe and communicate. With this whole idea comes the everlasting rapid growth of popularity of urban art, which constantly finds new ways of being represented within the gallery spaces, by using everything from street art photography to installations and live mural paintings. The focus is also being placed on widening the presence of the independent art scene and representing more emerging artists. We have prepared a list of the most visited gallery pages by our readers during April, in which we can notice the rise of interest not just in urban art, but also contemporary POP art combined with edgy and thought-provoking works which address important political and social issues. Scroll down to check out the most loved art galleries of the previous month!

Emerging and Edgy Artists at Imitate Modern

This intimate but globally recognized contemporary art gallery based in London continues to bring edgy and thought-provoking works by international artists. It is specialized as an important platform for the career development of emerging artists from around the globe, who now have more followings and success in the art market, thanks to the exhibitions of their works provided by Imitate Modern. Edgy, exciting and emerging contemporary artists with works that range from photography, sculpture to pop silkscreens will be a part of the gallery's special selection of limited edition and unique original artworks which will be on view throughout 2017! In May, it will showcase a special exhibition of the British photographer Tony McGee featuring a selection of photographs of David Bowie.

A Truly Independent Platform at Urban Spree Galerie Berlin

Urban Spree, a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space, is set in a vast postindustrial compound in the heart of Berlin and provides an important alternative platform for the entire local and international independent art scene. Their idea is to expand the grassroots artistic and curatorial approach and to work closely both with artists and the viewers. Street art and graffiti, contemporary art and urban photography all intertwine in their monthly independent art shows. Urban Spree Galerie presented works by Above, Klone, Zevs, Broken Fingaz Crew, Twoone and many more important contemporary and urban artists. In May, it will bring a unique artist-run festival in its 6th edition, the Comic Invasion Berlin.

GraffitiStreet - The Vivid Urban Art Store

Graffitistreet is an online street and graffiti art platform which helps the viewers, curators, and institutions find new talents within the graffiti and street art world. Its aim is not just to ignite the passion for urban art and increase its presence on the market, but also to support charitable projects and give something back to the community. Besides this, it also offers originals and limited edition prints made by hand, as an alternative to the cheap mass-produced department store art that flourishes in the mainstream art market today. This important online connecting point definitely serves as a huge help for spreading the quality and ideas of the latest urban art pieces.

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