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August 31, 2017

The slow summer tempo is coming to an end, and we are approaching the fall art season. As the machine is heating up, the fall will bring us exhibitions, auctions, art fairs and a lot of excitement. Yet, the summer was not uneventful, not at all. While some galleries went on a summer break, others stayed open during that unbearable heat, tirelessly hosting exhibitions and presenting a diversity of talent to the world. As we look behind at the last 30 days, there was still a good selection of exhibitions, and we are proud that many of these galleries are part of our database.  As it is the end of the month, we present you the list of the most popular art galleries in August, as chosen by our readers.

Featured images: Fluegel-Roncak Gallery; Urban Spree Gallery; The Outsiders Gallery; LKB/G.

Imitate Modern - Edgy But Friendly Space

Located in the Shepherd Market, the historical heart of Mayfair in London, Imitate Modern is a contemporary art gallery with a difference. Edgy but friendly, intimate but globally organized, the gallery is showcasing works by emerging artists from around the globe, many of whom have now established successful careers and followings in the art world. Their exhibitions are always edgy and exciting, ranging from paintings and sculpture to pop silk screens and contemporary photography.

Featured image: Imitate Modern

30works Cologne - Dedicated to Pop Art and Urban Art

Bringing Street Art to Germany, 30works Cologne is one of the first art galleries in the country that introduced the audience to the “Pop Art of the 21st century”. Intuitively responding to impulses and currents that emerge as relevant, the gallery offers a top-class collection of Pop Art and Street Art masterpieces. The gallery is hosting two interesting exhibitions in two of their venues in Cologne. Between September 2nd and September 23rd, 2017, the gallery will host an exhibition Magnificent Faces by Martin Bender. At 30works Gallery II, you can check out the exhibition Blind Spot by Innerfields between September 1st and September 23rd.

Featured image: 30works Cologne

Corey Helford Gallery - Exhibiting Artists Influenced by Pop Culture

One of the premier galleries of New Contemporary art in Los Angeles, Corey Helford Gallery supports young and emerging, to well-known and established artists in the production and promotion of their artwork. CHG represents a diverse collection of international artists, primarily influenced by today’s pop culture and collectively encompassing style genres such as New Figurative Art, Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop, Graffiti and Street Art, and Post-Graffiti. Until September 16th, 2017, the gallery is hosting the exhibition Once Upon a Quiet Kingdom by Brandi Milne Solo.

Featured image: Corey Helford Gallery

MAGMA Gallery - A Young Gallery in Bologna

Founded in Bologna in 2016, MAGMA Gallery exhibits internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists, with a research-based approach to bring out the most innovative trends within the rapidly changing art market. The gallery aims to improve the relationships between the artists and worldwide institutions, curators, and collectors. In September 2017, the gallery will host a solo exhibition by the acclaimed artist Jan Kalab, showcasing his latest body of work.

Featured image: MAGMA Gallery

Urban Spree - An Independent Art Space

A unique and independent artistic space in Berlin, Urban Spree Gallery is dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops, concerts, an art store and a large Biergarten. Set in a massive post-industrial compound in the heart of the city, the gallery fosters an urban grassroots ecosystem, offering its invited artists an ideal space for experimentation. Between September 8th and October 8th, 2017, the gallery is showcasing the latest work by Tavar Zawacki in the exhibition titled Metamorphosis.

Featured image: Urban Spree Gallery - Addicted to Urban Art

Yet another online art experience, was founded by avid collectors out of a desire to be more involved within the exciting Urban Art scene. With a strong dedication, the gallery is aiming to promote the movement, give people an alternative to the cheap mass-produces department store art, offer people originals and limited edition prints, encourage people to buy art which expresses their individuality, find new talent within the Graffiti and Street Art world, and support charitable projects and give something back to the community.

Featured image:

Galerie Fluegel-Roncak - One of the Main European Sources for Pop Art Originals

Located in Nuremberg, Galerie Fluegel-Roncak is focused on Pop Art, Contemporary Art and Photography. With changing solo shows on three floors of their gallery space, they expose different positions of their rich and immersive program. Their collection includes prints, lithographs, paintings, drawings and steel cuts by famous artists like Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Alex Katz, Keith Haring, Allen Jones, Julian Opie and many more. Until September 30th, 2017, the gallery is showcasing various prints, paintings, drawings and sculptures from their Pop Art collection by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Longo, Damien Hirst, Tom Wesselmann, Alex Katz, Mel Ramos and Julian Opie.

Featured image: Galerie Fluegel-Roncak

Outsiders Gallery London - Making Art Collecting Inclusive

Located in London and Newcastle, Outsiders Gallery makes buying and collecting of art accessible and affordable. Every year, they exhibit twenty art shows and release over fifty different print editions. A part of Lazarides Ltd noted for the popularization of Urban Art, Outsiders Gallery deals with only cutting-edge art. The versatility of their spaces provides a platform for emerging artists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions.

Featured image: Outsiders Gallery London

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