Art Galleries You Loved in May!

May 31, 2017

As we are preparing for the exciting summer shows, it is time to take a look back at the month behind us and see which galleries you loved the most in May. Spring certainly brought out the special creative energy in all of us, especially all the talented artists out there. Thus, our art calendar was filled with art fairs, exciting exhibitions, projects and initiatives. The rise in popularity of urban and street art has been mirrored by a number of contemporary art galleries finding new approaches to presenting their roster. Looking at the month behind us, the galleries in our ever-expanding gallery network offer a little something for everyone, and their shows are still on view for you to see and enjoy!

Featured images: Urban Spree Gallery; Magma Gallery; Hashimoto Contemporary, via ; Corey Helford Gallery; 30works Cologne.

Imitate Modern - An Edgy London Gallery

A contemporary art gallery with a difference, Imitate Modern in London is edgy but friendly, intimate but globally recognized. Located in the historical heart of Mayfair, Shepherd Market, it showcases work by emerging artists from all around the globe. Their exhibitions range from paintings and sculpture, to pop silkscreens and contemporary photography. By June 2nd, the gallery is presenting Tony McGee – David Bowie “UNSEEN”, the show featuring rare and mostly unseen photographs of the famous musician.

Featured image: Imitate Modern, via

30works Cologne - Bringing Street Art to Germany

Bringing street art to Germany, 30works Cologne is one of the first art galleries in the country to exhibit the so-called “Pop Art of the 21st century”. It offers a top-class collection of Pop Art and Street Art masterpieces. Recently, the gallery has opened a second venue in the city. Between June 3rd and June 17th, 2017, visitors at 30works Cologne II will have an opportunity to see the exhibition Outdoors by Lena Schmidt, featuring her mystic, deserted landscapes.

Featured image: 30works Cologne, via - An Online Gallery Dedicated to Urban Art

Founded by avid collectors, is another online gallery that emerged from the desire to be more involved within the exciting Urban Art scene. Their goal is to promote the movement, give people an alternative to the cheap mass-produces department store art, offer people originals and limited edition prints, encourage people to buy art which expresses their individuality, find new talent within the Graffiti and Street Art world, and support charitable projects and give something back to the community.

Featured image:

Hashimoto Contemporary - A Plurality of Artistic Expressions

Located in San Francisco, Hashimoto Contemporary is a gallery that focuses on contemporary artists coming from different backgrounds. If you like a plurality of artistic expressions and art movements, Hashimoto is the perfect place for you; the gallery does not focus on one single medium or movement. From June 3rd until June 24th, the gallery is hosting an exhibition Anna Valdez: Works Sighted, featuring a series of observational still lifes that examine the aesthetic history and personal identity through the objects of domestic space.

Featured image: Hashimoto Contemporary, via

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