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April 2, 2016

The month of March has brought some amazing pieces of street art all over the world. Coming from all around the globe, from India to Morrocco, from Colombia to the UK, the diversity is mesmerizing. Judging by the votes of our Widewalls community, these 10 street art pieces from our Instagram wall has marked the month that is now behind us. From painted churches and former psychiatric hospital prisons, to apartment buildings and art centres, ranging from bright coloured psychedelic works to beautiful black and white pieces, these murals playfully vary in style and placement. Join our community to keep track of all this amazing art on Instagram and share your opinion with us. Scroll down to enjoy these inspiring works!

Collin Van Der Sluijs and Super A in Berlin

Artists Collin Van Der Sluijs and Super A have created a stunning mural on the streets of Berlin. This newly formed duo was invited by Urban Nation for the One Wall Mural Project at the Art Park Tegel. Urban Network promotes young urban contemporary artists transforming urban landscape into a canvas. This detailed mural over 42 meters high shows a bird in spray painted in bright colors with flowers symbolizing the great diversity of Berlin. Dutch artist Collin Van Der Sluijs translates his personal pleasures and struggles in daily life into his visual language. Stefan Thelen aka Super A is a Dutch artist expresses personal experiences and thoughts combining graphic design with painting.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Mr. Woodland – Contact

Mr. Woodland, a German urban artist, has created a stunning mural as a part of this year’s Aarhus Art Convention in Aarhus, Denmark. This graffiti, tattoo, art and culture festival is held annually at Godsbanen cultural center in Aarhus. This beautiful painting is entitled Contact. This Munich-based artist, graphic designer and illustrator has started Graffiti in 1993 and now creates large-scale works with characters telling a story or a scene. In addition to his street art work, he owns a graphic studio called Toxic Playground specialized in typographic logo design, illustration and motion design and wall painting.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Okuda San Miguel in Yousouffia

The trademarks of Okuda San Miguel are psychedelic colors, skulls, geometric patterns, and works that take the viewer into another dimension. With his signature bright colors, he has transformed an old church in Yousouffia, Morrocco into a skate-park. Entitled Kaos Temple, the church is now filled with bright, isometric paintings. He considers this works as his most important project so far. This church that was originally designed by Asturian architect Manuel del Busto in 1912 and abandoned for years and crumbling from neglect, certainly looks much livelier now.

Images via Okuda.

M-City in Oronsko

Mariusz Waras aka M-City is a graphic artist and outdoor painter from Poland. Focusing his work on the urban space, his murals could be seen on the streets of Berlin, Paris, Sao Paolo, London, among others. He creates hundreds of carefully cut stencils, piecing them together to create large-scale murals with a geometric network of mechanical and industrial objects. Taking inspiration from the factories, hydroelectric plants, chimneys and cranes, he animates urban spaces with stunning artwork. M-City has now decorated the walls of the Polish Sculpture Centre in Oronsko, Poland.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Guido Van Helten in Lismore

Guido Van Helten has beautified the city of Lismore in Australia with his new wall piece. Showing the portrait of a little girl painted in his signature vintage style, this is an example of a beautiful photo-realistic piece. According to his Facebook the name of the girl is Willow Austin and she is a daughter of another artist, Jeremy Austin. This Icelandic artist is mainly focused on painting murals, and these pieces could be seen all around the globe. Working from photographic references, he creates beautiful sentimental vintage portraits.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Waone Interesni Kazki - Matter Changing States

Aleksei Bordusov aka AEC and Vladimir Manzhos aka Waone, is an artistic duo coming from Ukraine better known as Interesni Kazski. Colorful surrealistic large scale murals with unusual and diverse imagery are their trademark. Their work can be seen all around the globe, from Miami to India, from Mexico to Moscow. Waone of the Interesni Kazski has created an amazing mural in Varkala, India, painted in black and white. He has spent four years working on this masterpiece, after the magic of engraving inspired him during a visit to the library in 2012.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Muretz in London

Coming from Sao Paulo, Muretz has a very distinctive style and playful and imaginative ideas. He is famous for his hollow-eyed creations that pull the viewer into their surreal world. His illustrations are mostly done in black and white. Alias of Mauro Golin, Muretz expresses his playful wonderings of imaginations into his haunting style of street art. This brand new mural is painted in London, UK and is yet another great example of his unique style.

Image via Muretz.

Blu – Green Giant

Blu has recently spent some time in Naples working on an amazing new mural depicting a giant green prisoner breaking free from his uniform and chains. This bedazzling large-scale masterpiece refers to the building it’s painted on, a former psychiatric hospital prison that is about to become a new community space. The Green Giant stands for all those nameless souls that have spent time in this building. Blu, an anonymous street artist from Italy, has a very refined technique and a very recognizable style. As Italy’s most famous street artist, his unique murals can be seen all over the world and recognized immediately.

Images via StreetArtNews.

Bifido – Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

The Italian street artist Bifido made a new wall piece in his hometown Caserta in Italy. The work is entitled Sweet Dreams are Made of This and it is incorporated within the urban environment of the city. Using his art to make a statement and create an impact, Bifido reflects on important issues such as war, violence, capitalism or childhood. His moniker Bifido comes from the Bifido, bacteria in the stomach that helps you defecate. He feels that cutting free time is the maximum expression of capitalist slavery. His art is not just a decoration on the wall, but a way for him to express himself and make a bold statement.

Photo by Bifido.

Gleo - Solar Family

Coming from Cali, Colombia, street artist GLeo is known for her vibrant, magical murals with bright colors and with animal forms. Using simple brushes and rollers, she creates highly imaginative and detailed wall pieces. With colorful animal masks as her trademark, these fantastic creations captivate viewer’s attention. The mural Solar Family was created as a part of the Springtime Delights Festival in La Rochelle, France. This beautiful mural is yet another example of her unique style and magic she creates in urban landscapes.

Featured image: GLeo - Solar family, 2016

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