Watch Out for These Booths at Art on Paper Miami Show

November 30, 2015

After successful debut Art on Paper art fair had in New York in March 2015, this great event that focus on the medium of paper will have its Miami premiere. And, it will take place during extraordinary Miami art week, at the same place and same time with the Miami Project art fair. The fair will take place in the wonderful Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach. Art on Paper Miami is bringing together eighteen galleries that will showcase their best paper-based art. Art on Paper is focusing on artists who use paper as the main component and support of their photographs, sculptures, drawings or paintings, creating an intimate bond between the exhibitors and the collectors. This show is a must-see event for all collectors; it will present amazing artworks created using this beautiful art medium – but, it will also be a chance for collectors to examine the developments on the art market, and (of course) to buy some nice pieces of art. It’s a Miami art week – be sure not to miss this event! In this article, we are presenting 10 booths on Art on Paper Miami that you should not miss. Scroll down, and take a look!

Hashimoto Contemporary

Hashimoto Contemporary from San Francisco is quite active during the Miami art week. They will also present their artists at Miami project art fair. The gallery comes with a stunning work by Crystal Wagner, a screen print on hand cut paper entitled Specimen. Wagner’s interest in combining 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms, alternative use of materials, and hybrid approaches to printmaking have led to her artwork being exhibited extensively.

Booth E2

Featured Image: Crystal Wagner - Specimen, 2015, detail (Hasimoto Contemporary)

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is a New York-based gallery. It’s one of the New York’s finest galleries, representing more than twenty great artists. For Art on Paper Miami, the gallery has decided to present amazing works by Sarah Irvin, Ky Anderson, Daniel Brice and Marcelyn McNeil. Truly beautiful artworks will be presented at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts’ booth, so be sure not to miss it!

Booth K4

Featured Image: Sarah Irvin - Watchful-Bliss, 2014 (Kathryn Markel Fine Arts)

Center Street Studio

Center Street Studio is a gallery from Milton, Massachusetts. At Art on Paper Miami, this great art platform will present the works by Markus Linnenbrink, Bill Thompson, Roger Tibbetts and Carrie Moyer. All four artists have been exhibited extensively, and their works are part of both private and public collections. Using different styles, the artists’ works will make Center Street Sudio’s booth a must-see stand at Art on Paper.

Booth K1

Featured Image: Carrie Moyer - Soft Cells #3, detail (Center Street Studio)

Galerie Youn

Galerie Youn focuses on building bridges between local, national and international emerging to mid-career contemporary artists. The gallery participates in international art fairs and gallery exhibitions and represents more than twenty artists from around the world. Originally founded in 2012 as online gallery Flying Rooster Contemporary Projects, Galerie Youn opened as a brick-and-mortar space in May 2013. Located in the heart of the dynamic and creative Mile End district of Montreal, the gallery hosts a range of group and solo exhibitions throughout the year. Since its opening, Galerie Youn has established itself within the diverse milieu of galleries and art centres in Montreal. At Art on Paper, the gallery will present amazing works by five great artists: Katherine Melançon, Paul Morstad, John Chervinsky, Jay Dart and Annyen Lam.

Booth J7

Featured Image: John Chervinsky - Oranges, Box, Painting on Door, detail (Galerie Youn)

Art Vitam

Art Vitam is a contemporary art dealer located in Miami, Florida, which has been established in the vibrant Wynwood Art District of Miami in 2002 by Sophie and Arnaud Blachet. Art Vitam is specialized in contemporary photography, works on paper and paintings mostly in the first market. The aim of Art Vitam is to promote emerging or established artists thanks to exhibitions, art fairs and book editions. At Art on Paper, Art Vitam will present five great artists: Muriel Moreau, Daniel Diaz-Tai, Didier Hamey, Thurle Wright and Jadikan.

Booth M5

Featured Image: Jadikan -142 secondes, 2013 (Art Vitam)


SOME.TIME.SALON's booth features a playful conversation exploring the limits of 2D through color, line, and form between collages by Jake Ziemann, drawings by Kari Cholnoky, and painterly drawings by August Oz. The artists create whimsy in self-referential abstractions by utilizing quotidian materials and repetitive gestures. The sculptures on view - ceramics by Jake Ziemann and a hybrid of 3D printed plastic and paper by Colette Robbins - are both of the artists attempts to give physical form to the languages developed in their works on paper.

Booth J5

Featured Image: Jake Ziemann - Mimetic, 2013 (SOME TIME SALON)

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