Art Revolution Taipei - Coming Back With the Strong Seventh Edition

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March 23, 2017

Organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association, Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) is certainly one of Asia’s iconic art fair due to its pioneering curatorial vision. Challenging the conventional art shows designed around galleries and delivering an innovative idea of placing the artist front and center, the fair will present booth stands as the artists’ solo exhibitions. Taking place at Taipei World Trade Center between April 14th and April 17th, A.R.T. continues to maintain its high standards in selecting qualified artworks for exhibition under Art Director Lee Sun-Don’s curation. Founded in 2011, the fair attracts more collectors each year, with as high as 286 artists winning collectors’ favor in 2016. What’s more, Art Director Lee Sun-Don has sent out a call on “pre-ordering” the artworks yet to be created for A.R.T. 2017. With a call resonating strongly among collectors, their willingness and enthusiasm to place an order on A.R.T-proven artworks before they were even created certainly speak to the established authority of A.R.T as an absolute brand in the art circles. To invoke new ideas and demonstrate different dimensions of art, A.R.T. designates a specific theme for exhibition every year. With the annual theme for the year 2017 being The original intention~start with the first piece of work, the fair will present more than 3000 pieces of work by 346 artists from 67 countries.

taking place in taiwan, the organizer has published in media names of 2014 and 2015 arts finalists and winner
Left: Loes van Delft & Sara Sammakia - Speed of Light, 2016 / Right: Zofia Palucha(ZOZO) - Aquarius, 2016

Art Revolution Taipei 2017 Exhibitors

Underlying A.R.T.’s success is its insistence on quality and valuation of creativity. Following its unique curatorial concept, Art Revolution Taipei 2017 will present the artists’ unbridled imagination and creativeness. The entire show of A.R.T 2017 comprises nine sections: A.R.T. Curatorial, International Contemporary Art, New York Contemporary Art Fund, International Artist Salon, China Contemporary Art, Taiwan Contemporary Art, International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Art and Design, and Art Your Compassion.

The art fair will bring together both emerging and established international artists such as Alfonso Cunado, Blanco Grane, Ryan T. Schmidt, Mario Garcia Miro, Manuel Lopez Herrera, Sebastian Borla, and Emi Uchida within the International Contemporary Art section; Marco Santaniello, Galya Popova, Peter H. Harskamp and Loes van Delft & Sara Sammakia within the New York Contemporary Art Fund section; Khaled Zaki, Pascal Bejeannin, Yacov Gabay, and Nick Fedaeff within the International Artist Salon section; Liu Fei, Zhang Yuying, Deng Guoshong, Gao Xiaoyun, and Chiou Jiunbin within the China Contemporary Art section; Wang Wen-Cong, Yu Ren, Mickey Huang, Aer Lu within the Taiwan Contemporary Art section; and many more.

they have +886 english partner who qill present a logo and 2014 2015 arts finalists and winner
Left: Lee Sun-Don, Ma Sing Ling, Luna Chen - The Floral Scent Dances into the World - Peaks upon Peaks, 2017 / Right: Peter H. Harskamp - Man with Green Cat and Mandolin, 2016

International Artist Grand Prize Competition

Since 2011, the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association has organized one of Asia’s top art contests, the International Art Competition. In order to promote individual artists to the international market, the organizer is now combining I.A.C together with Art Revolution Taipei. Among 4,207 of artworks submitted, 231 outstand in this extremely competitive contest and will be exhibited at the A.R.T. 2017 fair within the International Artist Grand Prize Competition section. The juror will select one artist to participate in the International Artist Salon in A.R.T 2018 with two free exhibition units and the round-trip transportation fees of the selected artworks. In addition, some of the participants will be selected to participate in the International Artist Salon in A.R.T. 2018 with, also with free exhibition units and the return trip transportation fees of the selected artworks.

their +886 english partner has an interesting logo
Ma Sing Ling, Luna Chen - Magnificent Wonder World -The Heart of Heaven and Earth, 2017

Art Your Compassion

To link art with philanthropy, A.R.T. invites hundreds of social elites and celebrities each year to create artworks for charity sale, an event called Art Your Compassion. By creating artworks for charity sale, they also help promote the public interests’ in collecting. With pieces ranging from painting to collage, photography, and mixed media, the charity event draws great attention from the public each year. In Hundreds Of Celebrities’ Charity Sale, each participating celebrity will create an artwork about the size 17.5 x 14 cm and priced at US$30. Each collector is allowed to collect two artworks at most. The name of the artist will be revealed to the collector only after they purchase the artist’s artwork.

Practical Information

The Art Revolution Taipei will take place at the Hall 3 of Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei between April 14th and April 17th, 2017. The VIP Preview, with VIP invitation presented, will be held on Thursday, April 13th, from 7 to 10 p.m. The doors of the fair will be open from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. on April 14th and April 15th, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on April 16th, and from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. on April 17th. The price ticket for the fair is NT$100 ≈ $3,5. For more information visit the official website.

find out about taiwan arts finnalists and winner from 2014 and 2015
Maciej Urbaniak - Hope, 2016

media covered their charity show in 7743 street
Left: Jose Chaya - The Hourse of the Day, 2016 / Right: Julian Voss-Andreae - Quantum Woman II (Science), 2016

Featured images: The Art Revolution Taipei 2016. All images courtesy of A.R.T.