The Best of ArtCan Gallery's Street Art to Open their New Space in Marseille!

March 27, 2018

Founded in 2016 in Montpellier, ArtCan Gallery is dedicated to promoting its roster of artists through publications and solo shows to ensure their international visibility. The gallery is praised for its careful selection of artists and a wide international network. It is a melting pot of artists, collectors, and dealers animated by the passion of creation.

This April, ArtCan is opening a new space in Marseille. Located in the center of the city’s art district, this new space will be bigger, brighter and more fun, reinforcing the desire for further development of the gallery. The new space will be inaugurated with a group exhibition bringing together a selection of the best national and international Graffiti and Street artists.

Titled We Are Back, the exhibition will feature works by artists such as Rammellzee, Toxic, Zephyr, Banksy, Kan, Dran, Pener, Momies, and Spyk among others.

The New Venue

Tucked away in a 180m2 venue topped with a metal canopy that provides a zenith light at any time of the day, the new space can be compared to the most beautiful Parisian venues. As the founder of the gallery, Diego Escobar explains, the idea for a space in Marseille existed straight from the beginning.

Our Marseille venue has always been a part of our project. When we created ArtCan in 2016, we visited a few places but we decided to start with a smaller city first in order to practice.

The venue in Marseille will be joined by Nicolas Maillefert, a famous optician of the 6th arrondissement and a recognized collector. He will contribute to the gallery with his keen eye, determination and passion.

We Are Back

The title of the show - We Are Back - refers to the long way the gallery had to take in order to open this new space Marseille. In this group show, the gallery will present some outstanding works of rare quality. The show will cover a broad range of Street and Urban Art, from the 1980s New York graffiti to the internationally recognized talents like Banksy, Kan, Dran, Pener, Momies, and Spyk.

The opening of the show will also be an opportunity for visitors to discover the communication agency Madame Poppins that will organize events at Espace 18 Rue Dragon in the future.

The Group Show at ArtCan

The exhibition will take place at ArtCan Gallery in Marseille, France from April 5th until May 12th, 2018. The opening reception will take place on April 5th, at 6 p.m.

The show will be followed by the solo show by the Liège-based artist SPYK, the gallery's discovery of the year, that will be on view from May 17th, 2018.

All images via ArtCan Instagram.

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