Don't Miss the 13th Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize in Venice!

February 5, 2019

For the past thirteen years, a prestigious international art competition dedicated to the visual arts, Arte Laguna Prize, has been promoting and supporting artists and their careers through a range of opportunities. After collecting thousands of applications from individuals from all over the world, Arte Laguna Prize will present the exhibition of finalists this March in the evocative spaces of the Arsenale of Venice.

Featuring 120 artworks ranging from painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art and digital graphics to design, virtual art, video art and short films, performances, urban art and land art, the 13th Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize will unveil comprehensive radiography of contemporary art.

Arte Laguna Prize, Opening
Arte Laguna Prize, Opening

The 13th Edition of the Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize

This year, the Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize will bring together 30 paintings, 25 sculptures and installations, 25 works of photographic art, 10 videos, 5 land art projects, 5 urban art projects, 5 virtual art projects, 5 digital graphics, 5 design projects and 5 performances that will be staged live during the opening night. After a careful selection by the international jury, the six absolute winners will be brought on stage and awarded with cash prizes of 42.000 euros.

The works have been carefully selected by jury committee composed by Igor Zanti, curator of the Prize and director of IED Florence, as well as Flavio ArensiFilippo Andreatta, Alfonso Femia, Mattias Givell, Eva González-SanchoSimone PallottaRichard NoyceDanilo PremoliEnrico StefanelliAlessandra TiddiaVasili Tsereteli, and Maxa Zoller.

Arte Laguna Prize, Opening
Arte Laguna Prize, Opening

Special Prizes

During the opening night, the jury will also announce winners of the special prizes, which will be given an opportunity to exhibit in important international galleries, to collaborate with companies or to carry out an artistic residency in Italy and abroad.

Special prizes are the Sustainability and Art Prize, which promotes sensitization of the artistic gesture, of creativity, of design and in general of the visual and performing arts towards the Reuse Recycle Reduce strategies; Artist in Residence, a program of art residencies in Italy and abroad offering an artistic experience of growth; Business for Art, collaborations with companies meant to connect creativity with the production sector; Artist in Gallery, exhibitions in Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister in Germany; Várfok Galéria in Budapest; Anise Gallery in London; Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, United States; Festivals and Group exhibitions, selection of 13 artists to take part to collective events in Slovenia, Beijing, Venice and Lucca; and Art Platforms and Supporters, collaborations with foundations and institutions whose main mission is to promote art and support artists and their careers.

Arte Laguna Prize, Opening
Arte Laguna Prize, Opening

Art Laguna Prize 2019 at Arsenale of Venice

The 13th Exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize will take place at the Arsenale of Venice from March 30 to April 25, 2019. It will present a rich schedule of guided tours, activities for children and talks related to the sections of the Prize.

The first great awards ceremony, that annually attracts over 4 thousand visitors, will take place at the Nappe Arsenale Nord in Venice on March 30 at 5 p.m.

Featured image: Arte Laguna Prize, Opening. All images courtesy of Arte Laguna Prize.