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June 4, 2015

While we are waiting for the summer season of street art festivals to commence, one of the most active street artists really has no peace. Our artist of the week, 2501 is eager in his wish to conduct a research on the nature of art and his inner being and emotions. 2501 does not hesitate to paint on any surface, and whether that is an egg or a canoe, they all quickly become a proof of his emotional presence, psychograms of the moment. After finishing high school, Milanese artist 2501 moved to Brazil and got involved with the local street art scene, and after coming back to Europe, the real shift in the evolution of his art started. Figuration began to fade and colors returned back to their original state - black and white. It was both because of the practical and aesthetic reasons: the burden of carrying a lot of cans and paint, and planning in advance what to paint was a limiting factor for 2501 in his wish to just lay down an art piece. His idea of the art progress is unified both in his street works and art pieces executed for exhibitions in the galleries. His art is instinctive and his attitude allows him a lot of freedom for experimentation and development. For 2501 progress is everything and art is a research which will never stop. 2501 is an art nomad and a pioneer in the new art scene emerging on the walls around the globe.

Images are courtesy of the artist and Nicola Cerza.

Nomadic Experiments of 2501

Nomadic Experiments is a journey to the core of the idea of art. This project that 2501 started few years ago brought a quick evolution in his approach to the problem of visual/material presentation of the idea. The limitations of the expression are conditioned by immobility and lack of inspiration produced by it. Key feature of 2501's Nomadic Experiments is a dynamism which creates a huge play field for the artist wanting to do only one thing and that is to create art. While traveling to Vienna, Canada, Los Angeles, Catanzaro and Mongolia, and while he was absorbing the images of unknown scenery, one might think that he would populate his imagery inspired by the things he had seen. On the contrary, he displaced any of his previous figuration and started a practice of paintings unburdened forms intertwining into art. 2501 also abandoned the limitations of walls and introduced a series of La Macchina installations that led the development of site-specific interventions to appear in his body of work. The practice of nomadism and the experimental technique bring with themselves a sense of displacement and can not be reduced only to the post-production phase; they are rather a way of rethinking the production constantly changing point of view.

Images are courtesy of the artist and Nicola Cerza.

2501 at Wunderkammern in Rome

After the exhibitions in his home town Milan and overseas in Los Angeles, the trilogy will be concluded at Wunderkammern in Rome. Nomadic Experiment – on the brink of disaster present the reflections of 2501 about the conditions caused by the influence of the modernity on our every day life and the outcomes of mutations induced by the contemporaneity, dancing on the edge or being on the brink of disaster. Diction is swift, obsessive, ephemeral, nourished with artist’s desire to make it dynamic, to explore and experiment with new forms, ideas and materials. Nomadism suggests us the idea of constantly wandering on the experimental journeys, only briefly adapting to new places before continuing the nomadic experiment without any dimensional limitations. Nomadic Experiment – on the brink of disaster will continue on questioning the limits of reality and about the means of overcoming obstacles from June 9 until July 25, 2015 at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome.

For more artwork check out 2501's website and check out his Nomadic Experiment project.

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All images courtesy of 2501.

widewalls artist of the week
Left: 2501 and Know Hope - Installation For Living Walls, 2013 / Right: 2501, Roma, 2015

widewalls artist of the week
2501, Sarasota, 2013

widewalls artist of the week
2501, Roma, 2015

widewalls artist of the week
2501, Perth, 2014

widewalls artist of the week
2501 - Wunderkammern's Light Up Torpigna! project, 2015, courtesy of Giorgio Coen Cagli

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