The Most Artistic Nude Movie Scenes

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July 22, 2016

There is a secret pleasure hidden in nude movie scenes. Like Peeping Toms, we witness the world of imagination and guilty pleasures of the characters in films whose lives we possess by the click of a control button. They in return, soften our moods, make the heart bit faster, make our evenings, afternoons, and mornings more exhilarating, and sometimes add a hint of anxiety and vulnerability. The nudity in movies by definition is understood to stand for the presentation of at least one person who is nude or is wearing less clothing then what norms consider as modest.

Today, we will not count the clothing, or speak about what is modest and what is the animal and passionate side of the human nature. We will present to you some of the most artistic nude movie scenes that we researched and found to stand for the most beautiful, surreal, and the most iconic images, which are charged with sexual energy and humanity as well. We decided to focus on making clear the distinction of what is considered erotic and to distinguish it from sex in films and the pornographic by bringing to you few examples that only hint to the naked flesh underneath the dress.

Bypassing the questions of controversy, and the ever-so-important questions of gender and identity, we decided to focus on presenting to you different sides of nudity; the nudity that explains the vulnerability of the character, the nudity that stands for youth and the universal female beauty, the nakedness which is hinted, the nudity that explores the hidden anxieties and elements of violence and danger.

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La Dolce Vita – The Famous Black Dress in a Fountain

Some of you may wonder why have we decided to start off our list of the most artistic nude scenes with the famous scene from the masterpiece by Federico Fellini La Dolce Vita. Sylvia’s (Anita Ekberg) and Marcello’s (Marcello Mastroianni) walk into the Trevi Fountain is one of the most striking association most of us have with the city, Rome. Anita Ekberg here stands for a figure of a lost, slightly hysterical woman whose beauty and sensuality are so strong and magnetic that the fact she is in her black dress throughout the scene only adds to the appeal and allure. The lavish silhouette of a female body against the water and the marble statues create an atmosphere of everlasting and sensual appetite that describes this magical city.

Featured image: La Dolce Vita. Image via

Basic Instinct – The Iconic Leg Cross

Prior to its release in 1992, the movie Basic Instinct, directed by Paul Verhoeven , starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, caused major controversy due to its explicit sexuality and graphic depiction of violence. This erotic thriller became one of the most financially successful films and gained prestige for its depiction of sexuality never before seen in mainstream Hollywood cinema. None of us can forget the iconic leg cross and the ice-cold nature of Sharon Stone’s character Dr. Catherine Tramell. As if she is a lioness, regardless of the fact that men at the police interrogation room surround her, she is the dominating force in the place. The violence and sex often go together and this movie set the path for a new understanding of female power and dominance.

Featured image: Sharon Stone, scene from the film Basic Instinct. Image via

Last Tango in Paris

The famous Franco-Italian erotic drama Last Tango in Paris, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci follows a story of a widowed American Paul (Marlon Brando) and his anonymous sexual relationship with a young Parisian woman (Maria Schneider). The explicit sexual content mixed in with yet again violence, and emotional turmoil led to international controversy. The insistence for anonymity between the two partners, who don’t know each other’s names but are deeply connected to each other’s naked bodies, in the end, leads to tragedy and death. The mystery and the fantasy are what brought them together and this vanishes as the young woman Jeanne learns at the end of the movie details of Paul’s life. Here we have a story that can not touch the realm of the real and that is often what pulls most of us towards one another.

Featured image: Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider - Last Tango in Paris. Image via

Blue Velvet - Are You A Detective or a Pervert?

Allowing the exquisite Isabella Rossellini to showcase her talents, surpassing the roles she was known for until then, as the fashion model and beauty spokesperson, the movie Blue Velvet, directed by David Lynch, is a mystery film, famous for its thematic symbolism and the dramatic fusion of psychological horror and film noir genres. Few critics linked the tense atmosphere of the movie to the paintings by Salvador Dali. Playing a role of Dorothy Vallens, a mysterious singer and sexual slave to drug dealer Frank (Dennis Hopper), Dorothy is a figure that has surrendered and has nothing to lose. Submitting herself to pain and torture, Dorothy’s nude body is a shell of a tortured soul, still so very much appealing due to the innocence that shines through.

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Titanic - The Need for Freedom

Halfway mark on our list and we must look towards a blockbuster hit Titanic. The plot of the movie, directed by James Cameron, is known to us all and it is no surprise then that the movie is considered a highest-grossing movie of its period. Full of breathtaking sights, one of the most intimate scenes involves Rose (Kate Winslet) posing nude, with only a dazzling necklace around her neck, for Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). The soft light in the room seems to completely enwrap the beautiful nude. Apart from a great desire to be free that led Rose to ask Jack to draw her, high sexual tension lingers in the air. The seduction game has begun and that is what makes this scene both beautiful and tense.

Featured image: Kate Winslet, scene from the movie Titanic.Image via

The Dreamers - The Passionate Paris

On a different occasion, director Bernardo Bertolucci wasn’t so successful in shocking his audience like he did with Last Tango in Paris. Nonetheless, the beautiful nudes of three students in Paris in The Dreamers showcased the softer side and a fantasy world governed by the love for the cinematic arts. Set against the backdrop of 1968’s and the students’ protests, Matthew (Michael Pitt) enters the lives of mysterious twins Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). The three of them discover desire together and escape the reality within days and nights full of sex and pleasure becoming one of the most artistic nude movie scenes ever.

Featured image: Bathtub scene, The Dreamers. Image via

Youth – Who is She and Who Are You?

If there was ever a movie that showcased the love for life and frankly presented the eternal struggle between age and youth, the past and the future, life and death, then it is the cinematic masterpiece Youth, directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The iconic pool scene and the fabulous entrance of the Miss Universe into the water is why we have decided to add this movie to our list. Absorbing every inch of her sculpted and firm body, the naked woman represents lost youth and lust, the eyes and bodies of both Michael Cane’s and Harvey Keitel’s characters remain stunned. Yearning for the warmth and reminiscent of the past passions they must have had, Miss Universe is a symbol of the everlasting passion and beauty that all of us yearn for.

Featured image: Pool scene, Youth. Image via

Sleeping Beauty - The Dangerous Sleep

The Australian erotic drama Sleeping Beauty, directed by Julia Leigh, both ‘ titillates, terrifies, and haunts in equal measure’. Following the story of a young university student (Emily Browing) who begins doing erotic freelance work requiring her to sleep in bed alongside paying customers, the movie presents the barely-contained eroticism lurking beneath the apparent calmness. The marble-like skin of the main character and her softness against the bodies of old men create a startling contrast of naked flesh, that both disturbs and pulls into the strange and dangerous sexual arena.

Featured image: Scene from the Sleeping Beauty. Image via

Nymphomaniac – What is Your Sin?

Written and directed by Lars von Trier, the two-part art drama Nymphomaniac, is a confession of a young woman Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg). The story of her many lovers and sexual partners is a mesmerizing tale of desire and pain. The nakedness is ever present and in some instances crosses even into a pornographic genre. The director, in fact, used digital composing to superimpose the genitals of pornographic film actors onto the bodies of film’s actors.

Featured image: Scene from Nymphomaniac. Image via

Habla Con Ella - The Journey on the Giant Female Nude

Our list closes with the image of a large sleeping female nude and a miniature man exploring the every inch of her body. The dream sequence in the movie Habla Con Ella, directed by Pedro Almodovar, is a surreal, erotic, and beautiful as well. It is also a dream come true for a small man that touches, smells, walks in and out into the insides of the motionless body. Pure surrender!

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