October 16, 2013

Each year in October, draws up an international report on the contemporary art market, seen through the prism of auction sales. This seventh report is based on an analysis of sales results posted between July 2012 and the end of June 2013 for artists classified as “contemporary” according to their year of birth - here, artists born after 1945. The term “contemporary art” now designates two active creative generations on the market. In this report, this diversity is understood in terms of the artists’ ages, with a distinction between; now classic names and up-and-coming artists.

The figures provided are “hammer prices”, excluding costs. However, for the first time, in addition to this information, the total price paid for each work will be given, buyers’ premiums included, so as to give our readership a clearer picture that notably reflects the new higher costs introduced in 2013.

Retrieved from: Artprice

The report exhibits familiar artists in the top 10, accustomed to being ranked at the top. The top three artists are all American, with Basquiat ranked first, Jeff Koons second and Christopher Wool third. Rank 8 is occupied by the British contemporary artist Damien Hirst. The top 10 contemporary artists are nearly exclusively from the USA, China or the UK. Only the German Andreas Gursky is an exception to this rule, ranking tenth.

The first street artist can be found at position 58. Urban artist Banksy holds this position. With a total auction turnover of a little under 3 million Euros, Banksy is not yet able to compete with Basquiat’s nearly 163 million Euros, however, his position in the Top 500 is a symbol for the emerging urban art market and a testament to its development over the recent years. Not only Banksy hits the Top 500, artists such as Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey can also be found in the Artprice report.

To read the full report click here: Artprice Report 2012/13

Artprice Report - Top 50 Contemporary Artists

Table of Top 50
Artprice Report – Table of Top 50 Contemporary Artists

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