Here's a Worthy Selection of Our Artworks Under $1000!

February 28, 2018

Who says good art should be reserved only for the super rich who are willing to go deep down into their pockets and bank accounts? There's no reason why an everyday Joe could not be a proud owner of a wondrous artwork even if his or her budget is far more restricting than what the elite art world would have us believe is the price standard.

Contrary to popular belief, good art does not cost a frightening lot. In fact, artists behind the works are probably the main reason why a piece might go overboard in terms of cost, but finding an affordable work of quality art is not such an impossible task as you might think. Just make sure you know right of the bat that the van Goghs and Matisses of the world are off the table (unless you get an incredibly lucky break).

With that being said, we're now going to take a look at ten artworks that are available for purchase on the WideWalls marketplace right now and that are, despite being vastly different in everything from the medium to the style of execution, all priced under $1,000!

Pure Evil - Carlo Ponti's Trespassing Nightmare, 2017

This screen print was recently made by Charles Uzzell-Edwards, a graffiti artist better known by his moniker of Pure Evil. Titled Carlo Ponti's Trespassing Nightmare, this artwork is slick and simple, with text having the primary role while the middle composition is hidden in a play of contrast.

Carlo Ponti was, of course, an Italian film producer with more than 140 projects under his belt. The husband of the international film star Sophia Loren, Ponti died in the year of 2007.

See more information about this screen print here.

Stinkfish - Life en Español 1, 2014

This mixed media artwork, priced at $700, came out of the creative workshop of Stinkfish, a Colombian street artist primarily known for his work of turning photos of random people into fantastic stencils. This particular piece, titled Life en Español 1, is actually a decorated magazine Stinkfish found on the streets and later transformed into a framed work of art.

See more information about this artwork here.


Larry Clark is certainly a household name. This American photographer and filmmaker is best known for his movies Kids (1995) and Ken Park (2002), while his photos give valuable insights into the skateboarding subculture of the early 1990s. FORGOTTEN PHOTOGRAPHS is a collection of Clark's images gathered within two book covers, and this small piece of cultural history can be yours for just $500.

See more information about this art book here.

Jaybo Monk - Monolyte, 2010

This mesmerizing oil on canvas painting is signed by Jaybo Monk, a French artist whose body of work consists of half-hidden visual fragments of memory that reveal as much as they hide. Titled Monolyte, this artwork shows us an unidentified face in fragments. It should be noted that this is a rare example of an original painting by a renowned artist being available for a price under $1000.

See more information about this painting here.

Ben Eine - Charming

Another screen print on this list of affordable art on WideWalls, Ben Eine's Charming is, simply put, quite charming. Eine is a British street artist most notable for his peculiar alphabet lettering style, and this particular artwork demonstrates his visuals are quite compatible with printing techniques as well.

See more information about this screen print here.

Robert Proch - Rubicon

A true cluster of dynamism and speed, this print was made by Robert Proch, a Polish painter and muralist whose unique picturesque language combines numerous stylistic expressions.

Rubicon's main figure is the man placed at the very middle of the composition who is apparently jumping or falling while the world warps and twists around him.

See more information about this print here.

Luiz Risi - Smack Mouse

Available for just 350 euros, Luiz Risi's Smack Mouse is maybe even the best offer on this list of affordable artworks under $1000.

Smack Mouse shows a cartoon-like female rodent/human hybrid holding a cheese shaped like a heart, taking a bite out of it. The piece's overall atmosphere is enhanced by a customized mini light that shines a bright red hue from the top of the frame.

See more information about this artwork here.

Io Makandal - Untitled (Weed Study IV), 2017

Also valued at 350 euros like our previous entry, Untitled (Weed Study IV) is an abstract composition executed on a piece of paper. Painted in 2017, this work of art is signed by Io Makandal, a Johannesburg-based artist who operates within many fields of art, including sculpture, drawing, prints, photography and site installations, all while maintaining a strong abstract quality.

See more information about this painting here.

Seungyoon Choi - Untitled 61-2016, 2016

The last entry on our list of artworks under $1000 is Seungyoon Choi's Untitled 61-2016. This oil painting on canvas shows us how Choi is capable of balancing abstraction and figuration without compromising on either one of their qualities.

It also shows us how Choi is able to utterly remove narratives while also leaving room for endless interpretations of what may be going on. Untitled 61-2016 can become a part of your collection for just $715.

See more information about this painting here.

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