Wondering Which Artwork to Buy? This is What We Loved in August!

September 3, 2015

Last month, we started celebrating our new online art selling platform here at Widewalls. Our comprehensive, ever-growing database of world-renowned artists and galleries gives you a great opportunity to expand your art collection, in a safe and easy way. Reliable and fun, the Widewalls Marketplace is an exciting new meeting point for collectors, artists and galleries, with an impressive range of artworks in all mediums and sizes. From Shepard Fairey’s prints to the sculptures of Claes Oldenburg and Mark Jenkins, there’s a little something for everyone, at a price that fits everyone’s pocket.

For the month of August, we selected ten multimedia artworks available for sale through art world’s biggest galleries. Among the works, you can also find those offered by our very own gallery, with pieces by Carrie Reichardt or Nick Walker, among many others. If you’re interested in buying art online, you’ve landed at the right place, so we invite you to join us on the quest of art collecting!

Here are the artworks we loved in August!

Augustine Kofie - Circulate System Shift

This geometric print by Augustine Kofie, also known as KofieOne, titled Circulate System Shift, represents another demonstration of the artist’s love for illustration and design. In a pastel-colored web of shapes and lines, he transforms reality into abstract visions, recalling the notions of futurism, constructivism and abstract expressionism - a masterful technique and a retro-futuristic aesthetic he applies for his murals, compositions and illustrations as well. This is a 77 x 56 cm, 6-Color Serigraph on 290gsm Coventry rag fine art paper offered by Artstübli gallery in Basel, Switzerland. It is signed, number, and it is a part of an edition of 100.

Price: 630 CHF

Ansel Adams - Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an Ansel Adams photograph - or a photographic poster, in this case, then here’s your chance. From Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, FL, we have a 36 x 25,5 inch work from 1980, featuring one of Adams’s trademark landscapes. Titled Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1944, the poster is in excellent condition, comes in an edition of 350, and it is signed and numbered. At an affordable price, you can get yourself the work of one of the most important American artists of the 20th century and one of the fathers of landscape photography, whose images demonstrate the highest of printing qualities.

Price: 2,000 USD

Daniel Gottin - Untitled 1 (K1)

The 2011 painting Untitled 1 (K1) by Swiss artist Daniel Gottin follows his minimalistic way of doing art, flailing somewhere between painting, sculpture and installation. This Lacquer on MDF is a unique piece of work, coming straight from the artist’s studio in a perfect condition. With dimensions of 60 x 60 x 10 cm, the work is signed on the back and it is a perfect design element in blue that guarantees to revive your living or working space. Daniel Gottin is known for his site-specific wall artworks of clear and simple geometric forms, created with common industrial materials like paint, tape, wood, metal, plastic, carpet and polystyrene.

Price: 5,800 GBP

Anthony Lister - Untitled Coffee Drawing 5

From the series of Anthony Lister’s coffee drawings, we chose the number 5, a 2012 mixed media drawing which comes as a unique piece of work. Done in ink on paper, it is signed, framed and in excellent condition. As big as 41.91 x 33.02 x 3.81 cm, it continues the Australian artist’s quest to paint female figures using different techniques and materials, aside from works that often parody modern-day life. Influenced by graffiti, installations, Pop art, cartoons, comic books and stencilling, the artistry of Anthony Lister is truly remarkable, revealing a tension between figuration, abstraction, but sometimes also realism.

Price: 1,000 USD

Barbara Kruger - Call Me Cool Me Towel

Now here’s an interesting item to own - a Call Me Cool Me beach towel designed by none other than Barbara Kruger. Made in Brazil, this 2013 artwork of a kind is clearly made by the famous artist, as her recognisable color red, scattered images of eyes and the advertisingly-invasive white letters writing phrases like HEAT ME, MEET ME, LIKE ME and LOVE ME cover the entire 177.80 x 152.40 cm surface. Barbara Kruger is known for her strong typographic statements, addressing issues of consumerist culture, feminism, identity and politics, through black and white photographs, video and audio installations, prints and more. At a great price, it could be yours today!

Price: 200 USD

Sam3 - Siesta

Siesta is a work by Spanish artist Sam3, known for his poetic black and white paintings. This Silkscreen/Screenprint on Hahnemühle paper (300g/m) with dimensions of 76 x 56 cm is signed and numbered by the artist, and offered by Pretty Portal gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany. The piece is a beautiful example of Sam3’s artistic talent, as the artist usually creates monochromatic paintings paying with light and shadow and depicting dreamy and inspiring scenarios. Often large-scale, these works are characterised by clean forms and lines, and evoke book illustrations that tackle our imagination and make us dream of a better world.

Price: 200 EUR

Nick Walker - Le Corancan

If you hurry up, you might get the very last copy of Le Corancan (featured image), a screen print by the one and only Nick Walker, offered by the Widewalls gallery. Framed, signed by the artist and coming in edition of 150, this 2010 100 x 75 cm artwork represents one of the most famous creations of the British legend, originally painted on a wall in Paris in response to then president Sarkozy’s decision to ban burkhas. It sees six Muslim women dancing to a famous French dance, with dresses in the colors of the French flag, and wearing burkhas. Nick Walker is considered one of United Kingdom’s most prominent stencil artists to date.

Price: 1,950 EUR

Carrie Reichardt - No Gods No Masters

This ceramics plate by the British contemporary artist Carrie Reichardt is another piece you can find in the Widewalls gallery. With only one of them left in stock, the NO GODS NO MASTERS works are strongly politicized, containing symbolic icons and messages like an anarchistic sign and a crown, as the symbol of supreme authority. Inspired by Sex Pistol songs, the plate also contains a writing saying “NO GODS NO MASTERS”, an expected element in the work of this prolific artist. Carrie Reichardt is known for her provocative murals, screen prints and graphic design works that are often used as a tool of protest, using many cultural and political references.

Price: 200 EUR

Jan Kalab - Alternate Planes in Color

These beautiful paintings titled Alternate Planes in Color, by Czech artist Jan Kalab are offered by Soest’s Art is just a four letter word gallery. One of his country’s most recognized artists, Jan Kalab is also known as Cakes, or Point. An active graffiti writer, he also creates abstract canvases and sculptures, inspired by the minimalist expression of Piet Mondrian among other things. His art involves monochromatic forms, usually circles, infused with other elements, playing with the concepts of depth, color, motion, time and the dynamics of space. He is also known for his huge sculpture-like letters found on the streets. He is the first Czech graffiti writer to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Price: 6,000 EUR

C215 - Bacchus

French street artist Christian Guemy, better known as C215, created an unusual print inspired by Caravaggio’s Baroque painting Bacchus. This 5-Color Lithograph on Hand cut paper (BFK Rives 250g) made in 2014 is signed and numbered, coming in an edition of 200. With dimensions of 71 x 46 cm and an affordable price, the print represents a more sophisticated work of art, deriving from his interest in the Italian painter and the 17th century religious architecture. Described as “The French Banksy”, this artist works with lines and shapes, painting everything from animals to portraits, on all scales and surfaces.

Price: 370 CHF

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