Auction Analysis: Artmark – Trending Up: Super Contemporary Romanian Artists

July 10, 2015

Trending Up: Super Contemporary Romanian Artists auction took place on Wednesday, July 8th 2015, at Artmark, in Bucharest, Romania. The auction gathered $34.469 – quite less than expected. The auction itself saw some amazing pieces of art by young artists belonging to the post-1989 (post-communist) movement of Romanian art. Apart from those artists whose works have been part of collections and museums worldwide, the auction also saw some great pieces by street and urban artists who created special artworks for this occasion.

Saddo - One of the Stars of the Auction

One of the stars of the Trending Up: Super Contemporary Romanian Artists auction is Saddo – Romanian artist who is known as a member of the street art collective – The Playground. His work went through different phases and influences, including horror movie posters, street art and comics. He is also influenced by pop-surrealism, mythology and religion themes (in spring, we wrote about his exhibition A Stranger in the Garden at BC Gallery in Berlin). Three Saddo’s works were put on sale at Super Contemporary Romanian Artists auction, but only two were sold - Orcus (Stranger in the Garden), sold for $3,318 and The Skull, Funerary Flowers, sold for $996.

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