Augustine Kofie Builds from Memory in a Solo Show at Galerie Openspace

February 17, 2017

The Openspace Gallery is pleased to announce Augustine Kofie art exhibition Build from Memory, as his third solo show. The title of the show refers to the human ability to acquire knowledge and repetitively apply it to the material world. The new series of paintings, collages, and installation continue the artist’s interest in the deconstruction and construction of typography, alongside the transformation of materials. Due to the fact that the artist applies the forceful creation he has learned while producing his street art images, the featured works are very loose and possess a very active energy. The featured artworks are defined as salvaged out of the destructiveness of memory, and as such, each font, graphics, or color should be understood as portals onto a moment or a memory path.

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Augustine Kofie Work in Progress. © Augustine Kofie

Augustine Kofie’ Art – Opening Memory Paths

Immersed in the skate culture that surrounded him, Augustine Kofie discovered graffiti in the late 80s. Inspired by the shape and structure of letters, Kofie decided to start deconstructing them only to rebuild them again. Forming his aesthetic language, defined as retro-futuristic, the artist manipulated with the shape of a letter focused on the linear rather than alphabetical in order to create his abstract creations. The illustrations from various 60s magazines, alongside his focus on various color combinations, have also helped to shape the artist’s style, considered as crucial for the renewing approach to contemporary abstract painting.

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Art materials at Augustine Kofie's studio. © Augustine Kofie

Build from Memory

This time around, as a continuation of his interest in the definition of space, Kofie began his series Build from Memory wanting to achieve the sense of movement from a stable, static - horizontal/vertical foundation. The answer came in the form of diagonal “breaks”, perspectival lines that produce volume, protrusion, immersion, and depth in the horizontal-vertical system. It is these breaks that are built from memory that inspire the title of the collection, for they come directly from the 3D technique of traditional letter writing practices such as sign painting or graffiti. “If I draw from muscle memory, without thinking, I build a static foundation and then insert such 3D breaks to produce new shapes and space,” Kofie explains. “3Ds come from an imaginary point of perspective, from multiple points of perspective, multiple memories.”

As usual, both paintings and collages by this artist possess unique forces and roles in the creative process. Yet this time around, the embodied knowledge of years of painting large public, loosened up the canvas techniques of the artist, helping to further explore his interest into the relationship of gestural freedom and control.

Envelope Sun
Augustine Kofie - Envelope Sun, 2016-17. © Augustine Kofie

Augustine Kofie Art Exhibition at Galerie Openspace in Paris

Since 2013, the Galerie Openspace in Paris has started representing the amazing abstract creations of Augustine Kofie to the French public. This time around, and as his third solo show, the exhibition Build from Memory displays the almost mathematical abstraction, and elaborate focus on various color combinations, movement, memory, and exploration of space. Through April 1st, 2017, the Paris public is awarded a chance to explore how preserved set of fragments, lines, colors, and memories are transformed into something completely new. During the opening night, from 6 pm to 9 pm the artist will be present.

From Galerie Openspace, they said: "The 3rd show with an artist is always something special. With ‘Build From Memory’ we got really close with Augie, whom we’ve known for 5 years. We completely understood who he is as an artist and what a great human being he is. The show is about to end now; it was a great success, in terms of press as well as in terms of good feedbacks from the visitors. We have a strong feeling Augustine Kofie is one of the most talented artists of the current international scene in the abstract art field. We believe we can keep going along with him during the upcoming years and see what are the next manipulations he can make in the future. He talked about sculpture and this is something we really want to see."

All images courtesy of Galerie Openspace and the artist. Featured image in slider: Augustine Kofie working in-his studio. © Augustine Kofie; Augustine Kofie - Artist at work in his studio. © Augustine Kofie

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