A Celebration of Back To the Future Day Through Street Art in Denver

October 22, 2015

So, we are supposing that all of you have watched Back to the Future trilogy, even though some of you perhaps weren't even born at the time when the first part was filmed. If we are wrong, then, please, just go away. Just go and watch it, and then come back. Incidentally, this was one of my favorite movies during childhood - as well as other two sequels, of course - and even now I stop to take a look if they appear on TV when I'm switching channels. But, from now on, everything that happened in three movies Back to the Future, is officially in the past. In the second movie, Back to the Future II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown (played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd) go from year 1985 to year 2015: October 21st, 2015, to be precise. So, as from yesterday, something that was perceived as a distant future back then, when I was a kid, has become history. Damn, I'm old.

Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett) marty mcfly marty mcfly
Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett)

Where Back to the Future Movies were Wrong...

Since yesterday was October 21st, 2015, the internet was swarmed by the reminiscence on Back to the Future trilogy, and things that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale (Zemeckis was directing, and him and Gale also wrote the script for BTTF) have foreseen correctly for the year 2015. Also, since this is the age of internet and all weird people are now visible and loud, there were also many of them that were gloating about things they have failed to foresee. So, yes, here's the deal: people are not using fax-machines as a way of communication anymore (at least we hope they don't). Laser discs are also being put out of the use, and, obviously, there are no flying cars, nor they've been driven on plain old garbage, there are no hoverboards, people don't dress like BTTF II had suggested, there are no self-tying-lace shoes...

Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett) 5
Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett)

...And Why is That Irrelevant

But, let's take a look at where Zemeckis and Gale were spot on! Video calls? Hell yeah. Huge 16:9 TV screens? Tablets? 3D movies? Sequels-mania (in BTTF II there's Jaws 19 in 3D at cinemas)? Wireless video games? Yes, yes and yes. But even if everything proved to be incorrect, irrelevant, or useless, who cares? Back to the Future movies would have been cool as they are now, thirty years after the original movie was filmed (Back to the Future II and III were filmed in 1989 and 1990), even if every stuff creators thought might happen in 2015 proved to be wrong. Why? It's a good movie, that's why. When you look at Stanley Kubric's 2001: A Space Odyssey, is the first thing that comes to mind something like "OMG, there's that movie that thought that we're will travel to the Jupiter in 2001, and that we'll find an alien monolith when we start to dig the Moon's surface"? Or, perhaps, you just sit back and enjoy probably the best Sci-Fi movie ever filmed? Or, when you read George Orwell's 1984, is it bothering you that Orwell had thought that there will be only three countries on the planet Earth? Precisely.

Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett)
Back to the Future Mural (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett)

Back to the Future Street Art in Denver

So, Back to the Future movies are super-cool, and street artists Gamma Acosta, Delton Demarest and Jher Seno were thinking the same. In order to pay homage to this great and highly entertaining title, they've painted the wall outside the Bella Vista restaurant at East 20th Avenue and Sherman Street in Denver. They've made a mural of the countdown clock originally located at Delorean time machine, and they've also created a collage made of scenes from BTTF trilogy. Great job, guys!

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