Bankside Gallery Presents the Annual Show of Artists of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers

Exhibition Announcements

May 1, 2016

Opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1980, Bankside Gallery is the Gallery of the Royal Watercolor Society (RWS), and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE). For over 30 years, the gallery has played the central role in exhibiting and promoting works on paper, and the organized exciting exhibitions helped to promote the very best in contemporary water-based media and original prints. This time, Bankside Gallery is inviting the public to its annual exhibition of the recent works produced by the Artists of the Royal Society of Painter – Printmakers. The upcoming exhibition, RE Original Prints 2016,  will feature the works by the leading printmakers, who will present a variety of art edition prints that embrace both established and experimental techniques.

bankside gallery
Dawson Murray ARE - Drifting III, etching. Image courtesy of the artist

The Magic Of Printmaking

The sheer excitement felt once the paper is lifted off the plate and the image is revealed is not easily explained. The unknown, and the tension of waiting is what push the printmaking artists forward in their search and exploration of the media. Developed and grown over the years, into one of the most exciting and most experimental art disciplines, the printmaking and the printed media works in general, have withstood the trials of time, crashes and the bursting of many art market bubbles, and we see the rise and demand for this discipline every day. Major events, such as the upcoming exhibition of the works produced by the Royal Society of Painters - Printmakers, IFPDA Print Fair in New York, and the gatherings of major galleries and studios working together to promote the magic of printmaking, are events and organizations not to be missed.

bankside gallery
Left: Margaret Ashman - Pavane 3, photoetching / Right: Lars Nyberg RE - Maev's young Avocado, drypoint

The Royal Society of Painters-Printmakers

Founded in 1880 by Francis Seymour Haden and originally known as the Society of Painter-Etchers, the changing of the name in 1991, embraced the broader range of printmaking practice. The retaining of the abbreviation RE indicates the identity and the proud history of the society. The current members are one of the most innovative and creative artists working in the variety of different techniques of the printmaking medium. From works produced in the etching technique, evident in the work of one of the artists presented the exhibition, Jason Hicklin, who explores the meeting points of different forces in nature, in the black and white palette enriched by the infinitive tones of grey, or the use of a more ‘ modern ‘ photo etching by the artist Margaret Ashman, the works produced and presented vary in subject matter, and choice of the techniques applied to produce the most stunning works on paper.

bankside gallery
Jason Hicklin - Eynhallow and Mainland Orkney from Rousay, etching

Upcoming Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery in London

The recent works of the artists of the proud and significant Royal Society of Painters-Printmakers present an insight into the versatile printmaking medium. As one of the world’s premier printmaking organization, the opportunity to view the works by its member artists should not be missed. On view from May 6th and lasting until June 4th, 2016, the exhibition RE Original Prints 2016, at the Bankside Gallery in London, will introduce its public to the range of works produced by a variety of techniques. This group exhibition is just one of many organized by the Bankside Gallery, aiming to explore the boundaries of printmaking, and to help celebrate this versatile medium, and its championing works of both new and established artists.

All images courtesy of the Bankside Gallery, London. Featured image in slider: Margaret Ashman – Pavane 3, photo etching, detail.