Reminder: Watch Banksy's Alternativity Tonight on BBC Two

December 17, 2017

In Christian theology, the nativity marks the incarnation of Jesus as the second Adam, coming to undo the damage caused by the fall of the first man, Adam.

In art, there have been many depictions of this act, and in 2017 Banksy joined the artists belonging to this roster - with an upcoming project he made with none other than Danny Boyle.

An alternative nativity play - Alternativity - was staged in the car park of the now famous Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank, and was filmed for a documentary to premiere today at BBC Two.

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Banksy x Danny Boyle - Alternativity

The most famous - and anonymous - street artist in the world, Banksy had a busy year. In March, he opened The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, offering its visitors “the worst view in the world”.

For six weeks, he and director Danny Boyle put together cast, crew and local children in the area under “many restrictions”, and the performance took place on December 3rd.

In the videos released on the official Facebook page of the hotel, we see kids singing in Arabic while rehearsing in one, and the other shows the final performance with choreographies and even fake snowfall.

This performance came over a month after Banksy threw a satirical street party, as an apology for the 1917 Balfour Declaration, subsequently raided by Palestinian protesters.

Banksy - Alternativity Trailer

Watch Tonight on BBC Two

Announcing the event, Banksy put up two new artworks on the walls of Bethlehem - both, of course, in lieu with his to-the-point satire. One stated “Peace on Earth” with an asterisk, followed by words “Terms and Conditions apply”.

The other shows two cherubic angels trying to tear two panels apart with a crowbar.

Banksy’s Alternativity was co-directed by Bethlehem-based Riham Isaac and Danny Boyle, who won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire and was the mastermind behind the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Episode 1 of this one-hour documentary about the nativity performance in Bethlehem will be screened on BBC Two on Sunday, December 17th, at 9pm GMT. On December 20th, make sure to watch the 30-minute video of the Performance itself at 11pm GMT, while the Episode 1 will be reprised on December 22nd at 12.35am GMT.

Featured image: Banksy's Alternativity, via Instagram.

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