Banksy Preparing Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare ?

August 18, 2015

News is just in that Banksy is preparing a new secret exhibition at the Somerset seaside resort Weston-super-Mare! Although the locals have been told that the site has been taken over by a Hollywood production company to make a new film, it’s been said that it is all a cover-up story used by the Bristol artist while he prepares his latest show. Entitled Dismaland, the exhibition will supposedly open on Friday, August 21st, and it will be the artist’s latest criticizing commentary on the world of amusement parks like the Disneyland.

A news video shows the rumored location of Banksy’s new secret exhibition

Dismaland - New Secret Exhibition?

The rumors about Banksy’s involvement in the abandoned lido in Weston-super-Mare started when Holly Cushing - a woman credited as the executive producer of the 2010 Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary about the artist and who is believed to be his manager - was seen at the location, chatting with the security guards. Earlier this year, in May, miss Cushing also set up a company called Dismaland Ltd, together with Simon Durban - a man believed to be Banksy's accountant. Coincidence? Meanwhile, the signs around the site said that a film called Grey Fox is being filmed there by Atlas Entertainment, an information provided to the North Somerset council as well.

So what is Dismaland all about? According to what could be seen at the seaside resort, there will be a giant purple castle, reminiscent of the one seen at the actual Disneyland park, two petrol tank sculptures bent to shape an “S”, which are believed to be the works of American artist Mike Ross, a big, colorful windmill toy, and a figure of a horse built from scaffolding. There is probably more, hidden under the tents of the alleged Hollywood film set.

Another video showing the site at night

Is It Really Banksy?

It is true that Banksy, the world’s most mysterious artist, likes to make satirical artworks on the streets around the world, addressing many social and cultural topics. We all remember his iconic works like The Spy Booth or the ones he made in Gaza most recently - they are always clever and observing, and very much up-to-date. But will he really take on the phenomenon of amusement parks by creating one of his own? He did use the image of Mickey Mouse in the past, and let’s not forget when in 2006, he smuggled a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee into Disneyland, so it could be said that he is quite familiar with the Disney franchise and its means. Banksy seemed to have been on hiatus lately, and we’ve just been wondering where he was. Is his break over? I guess we will have to wait until the end of this week to find out.

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