October 9, 2013

British urban art legend Banksy is back to curating yet another show. The Gallery displaying his work this time:  New York City. Once again Banksy proves to be the rightful master of his art form. His innovative ideas and vision set him apart from the remaining street art scene. So far 8 pieces have been created, photographed and publicly shared. These are by no means strictly limited to stencil art. Banksy’s idea of street art is broader.

Banksy’s first piece features a “Graffiti is a crime” sign and two boys, one giving the other a leg-up to reach the depicted spray can. In his second piece Banksy makes reference to New York’s graffiti origins. In cursive graffiti writing he claims to have a New York accent, opposing the second line that states, “…normally I write like this” in clean and basic writing. The third piece is back to the roots for Banksy, depicting a dog , doing what dogs do, at a fire hydrant. The fire hydrants comment: “You complete me”. For his fourth piece Banksy decided to freshen up random graffiti in Brooklyn by adding “The Musical” to them. “Dirty Underwear” becomes “Dirty Underwear – The Musical”. His fourth piece is a first time for the master as well. Banksy converted an NYC delivery truck into a mobile garden, including a rainbow, a waterfall and butterflies. The Banksy truck is driving around New York City so everyone is able to enjoy his or her personal moment of Zen. The following art piece is strictly speaking not even street art but video art. The video displays Arab militia handling a bazooka and shooting down an unknown object. The successful shot leads to the object falling from the sky and crashing right next to shooters. The crash landing reveals the identity of the targeted object. Disney’s Dumbo is hit hard by the incoming M9A1 grenade and dies miserably next to the rejoicing terrorists. Banksy’s sixth piece is a modified reoccurrence. A children’s balloon in form of a heart is seemingly floating through air in front of a grey concrete wall. The balloon’s search for the “there is always hope” girl must have been long and troublesome. The bright red color indicates that it floated by Jeff Koon’s studio, received a new metallic paint job and was then patched up with dozens of plasters. Banksy’s eight piece is apparently nothing more than writing on a wall, however, it has that Banksy induced sarcasm to it that makes it stand out: “ I have a theory that you can make any sentence sound profound by writing the name of a dead philosopher at the end of it – Plato”. The most recent Banksy piece is a Mural found down in the lower east side, that uses a wall and a car as canvas. The painting shows three horses wearing night-vision goggles and a man with an agonized expression kneeling beneath them. What all these urban art pieces have in common is that they include a toll free phone number that provides callers with an audio guide to the specific pieces. Not at all street art but very Banksy. I thank you for once again proving that urban art is the art form of originality, humor and authenticity.

Truthfully yours

Paul Cézanne

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