October 24, 2013

Oct.24.2013 – Only seven more amazing Banksy pieces to look forward too. We know, very sad! In some way it’s like the days before Christmas. You know its gonna be over soon, but your still really anxious to find out what will happen next. Before you get to anxious though Widewalls will give you the compulsory Banksy-in-New-York weekly recap.

Remember the Banksy and Os Gemeos cover for “The Village Voice”? On October 18th Banksy exhibited both originals in Chelsea, below the High Line. This outdoor gallery had everything a gallery needs: Priceless art, a security guard and a bench to sit and stare at art for hours.

Banksy and Os Gemeos
Banksy and Os Gemeos exhibition under High Line

Banksy’s next piece was a mystery to all of us for the first 25 seconds. The twenty-sixth second revealed Banksy’s ‘Terryworld’ personality. The ants crawling in-and-out of crack in the wall became ants crawling in-and-out of a women’s crack. Excuse the language but lets face it that exactly what it is.

Street art piece number twenty was a classic Banksy stencil: A small boy swinging a hammer, just about to drop on a fire hydrant. The thin tube coming out of the fire hydrant ends about one-and-a-half meters above, in a red fire bell. The stencil is referencing the strong man game, known from fairs. We don’t if the boy made it to the top, but we’ll keep you updated on that.

Banksy stencil
Banksy Stencil - Hammer boy

On October 21st Banksy set out to the South Bronx. For those of you that haven’t been there yet: It’s pretty Ghetto. Accordingly the street art piece is as well. A small boy in knickerbockers is tagging the wall with “Ghetto 4 Life” a red aerosol can in his left and the butler with two more cans to his right.

Banksy stencil
Banksy - Ghetto 4 Life piece

The next day Banksy proved his artistic versatility as a sculptor. He created a 1/36-scaled replica of the great Sphinx of Giza made from smashed cinderblocks. We posted this video already so you might know about it. The property owner sold the Sphinx, probably within hours of its mounting.  The following days five men came by with a truck. Lifted the Banksy Sphinx from its premium ocean habitation into the truck and drove off. We sincerely hope that no one buys this piece and the deed is punished.

Banksy Sphinx
Banksy Sphinx sculpture

We don’t know exactly what happened on October 23rd but we have our conspiracy theories.

  1. Banksy was tipped off
  2. He stenciled a Randy’s donut shop
  3. It was another one of his stunts

The only thing we can say for sure is "F**K da Police". Should you in fact find out what really happened, please let us know at: 1-800-BNKSY-THRY

Banksy - Art cancelled
Banksy - Art cancelled due to Police

The so far last street art piece is a man in a suite and flowers in his hand waiting for the love of his life to leave the ‘Hustler Club’. Presumably his love for the stripper is unanswered. The flower petals on the floor and Banksy’s comment “waiting in vain at the door of the club” suggests that.

Banksy stencil
Banksy stencil 'Waiting in Vain'

That was it for this week kids. Don’t forget to put milk and cookies out for Banksy. If your lucky he’ll put a 60$ original in your stocking.

Pictures retrieved from: banksyny

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