Tranquil and Lonely Cloudscapes in Benedict Redgrove Exhibition Coming to Display Gallery

April 1, 2016

Display Gallery is proud to present Benedict Redgrove’s Everything & Nothing exhibition. Benedict Redgrove’s pictures have caught the attention of the contemporary art world, because of their simple, yet, incredibly complex appearance and the message they carry along with them. They can be described as simple cloudscapes, which would, of course, be an accurate description, but at the same time a huge understatement of their artistic value. The clouds in his images are flowing between two worlds: Earth below and the vast universe above. Shot in various formats, the Everything & Nothing series will surely bring a whiff of fresh air into the contemporary art scene as it presents the immeasurable scale of the sky and its beauty.

Benedict Redgrove exhibition
Benedict Redgrove - 20140910 17:22:06, 2014, giclee print, © Benedict Redgrove

Clouds, Skies, Cosmos

Benedict Redgrove presents the images of the hellish mist of the clouds, so calm, yet so lonely in their existence. The clouds are abstractions, they are harmonious, they are puffy and fluffy, they are perfectly still, yet constantly moving in a space neither here nor there, neither on Earth nor in the sky, they exist without a regard to man and time, with no interest in history, wars, extinction of species, or the aeons that pass. Redgrove’s pictures possess the impeccable sense of detail and carry the glamour of painterly precision, both of which show Redgrove’s mastery of the camera. His photographs cause a sense of the transience of humankind and the world itself. The sky is eternal, everlasting, imperishable. It will always be here even when we meet our demise, even when the volcanos and earthquakes and ice age destroys our kind, the clouds will still linger in that indefinite space between reality and fantasy, between the tangible soil and intangible cosmos.

Benedict Redgrove exhibition
Benedict Redgrove - 20121215 21:39:04, 2012, giclee print, © Benedict Redgrove

But How Did He Do It?

Photographs were captured at high altitude, on hundreds of trips the artist ventured on over the course of five years. Everything & Nothing is both the investigation of the landscape and the portrait of the artist. The sense of personal journey of Redgrove’s photographs suggests the motifs of formal minimalism that barely conceals an abstract expressionist background. This interesting blend, or, a layer of movements and techniques makes this series especially interesting to art aficionados who search for something new and unusual but at the same time composed and pristine. The series invites the viewer to forget about his/her troubles, to forget about the mundane strifes, and to immerse him/herself into the moment, into the world without prescriptions and instructions, without the limits, but the world of dreams and pondering. Or it invites them to just be, to simply exist, with no reason or rhyme.

Benedict Redgrove - 20110321 15 31 35, 2011, giclee print, © Benedict Redgrove
Benedict Redgrove - 20110321 15:31:35, 2011, giclee print, © Benedict Redgrove

Benedict Redgrove Exhibition

Nothing & Everything, Benedict Redgrove’s exhibition will be on view at Display Gallery in London. Presented as large format giclee prints, the show will be on display from April 15th to April 28th, 2016. Private view is scheduled for April 14th, 2016 for Redgrove’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Artist’s talk will happen on April 20th, 2016 at Morley House, 26 Holborn Viaduct. London. The London-based artist has previously participated in group exhibitions in the UK and Europe and his career spans over the past twenty years jeweled with many awards. So, all that is left to do is to prepare ourselves for an amazing experience and to leave all inhibitions at the door and simply enjoy Benedict Redgrove exhibition. And fly among the clouds.

Featured image: Benedict Redgrove - 20101221 16:35:33, 2010 giclee print, © Benedict Redgrove

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