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April 27, 2015

On April 24, Auctionata Berlin had its Auction No 222. with 91 contemporary artworks on sale. Thirty-four lots were sold in total, making a 37.4 percent of sold lots. Over high estimate were only 2.2 percent of lots of which 2 were sold, making it a 5.9 percent of over high estimate sold lots. Since Auctionata does not sell lots lower than its starting price, it is not surprising that 94.1 percent had its hammer price in the estimate range.  A total of 34 sold artworks swap the owners for $77557 which was 36 percent lower than the sum of  estimates of sold lots ($121141) and 28.9 percent higher than the sum of starting prices ($60168). Especially well did Julian Opie's Luc and Ludivine Get Married, Mel Ramos' Caramia Caramello and Richard Serra's Spoleto Circle with hammer prices over the estimated value.

The Best Individual Results At Auctionata: Photography And Prints

With the afore mentioned lots which achieved hammer prices above the estimated values, yet another artwork changed the owners hands with a price above the estimated one. Sonia Delaunay-Terk's Grande Icon I was sold for $2956 (estimated at $2167). Nobuyoshi Araki's Colorscape from 2007 achieved price of $2781 and the hammer starting price difference of 18.2 percent. The same starting price difference in percentage was seen in the sale of the lot 138, Siegrfried Wittenburg's Faces of Revolution from 1990, and it was sold for $5138. Nude With a Picasso from Tom Wesselmann with estimated value of $6519 had the hammer price at $4858. Another Mel Ramos' artwork, Five Flavour Life Savers, was sold at a very good price. With starting price at $2390 and hammer price at $3670, it achieved 91.6 percent hammer price over the starting price. Roy Lichtenstein's The Bird was sold for $3597, staying 33.8 percent under the estimated value of $5432.

Highs And Lows of Auctionata: Photography And Prints

Although it was announced as the highlight of the auction, Markus Lüpertz's Poster Markus Lüpertz, with a starting price at $6519 and estimated price at $13038, was not sold. Lot number 1, Joseph Beuys' Postcard Honey is Flowing with a starting price at $1500 did not find its buyer.  Four Offset Prints from Christo and Jeanne-Claude were not sold as well as the Antoni Tapies' Chaise Ficelee from 1984. On the other hand, the best results were seen in the sales of Julian Opie's Luc and Ludivine Get Married, with a starting price at $3259 and hammer price at $6423, making the 97.1 percent hammer starting price difference. Only two artworks achieved the hammer price over the estimate value: Richard Serra's Spoleto Circle, estimated at $3694 and sold for $4368 (making the difference of 18.2 percent); and 19 original graphics from Gerhard Wolf for $834.

Auctionata: Photography and Prints in Details



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Joseph Beuys - Yellow Serigraph in Collors, 1977, (lot 2)

Joseph Beuys - Postcard Honey is Flowing, 1974, (lot 1)

Joan Miro - Le Lezard aux Plumes Dor Color, 1971, (lot 19)

Gerhard Wolf - Ein Blatt fur C.W., 19 Original Graphics, 1994, (lot 107)

David Hockney - Sunflowers II, 1995, (lot 92)

Christo and Jaune Claude - 4 offset Prints, (lot 6)

Antoni Tapies - Chaise Ficelee, 1984, (lot 59)

Nobuyoshi Araki - Colorscape, 2007, (lot 91)

Tom Wesselmann - Nude With Picasso, 2000, (lot 71)

Thomas Florschuetz - Triptych No 33, 1989, (lot 94)

Siegfried Wittenburg - Faces of Revolution, 1990, (lot 138)

Salvador Dali - Laser Unicorn (detail), 1974, (lot 30)

Roy Lichtenstein - The Bird (detail), 1950, (lot 76)

Mel Ramos - Five Flavour Life Savers, 2006, (lot 128)

Featured images:

Julian Opie - Luc and Ludivine Get Married, 2007, (lot 93)

Mel Ramos - Caramia Caramello, 2007, (lot 129)

Richard Serra - Spoleto Circle, 1972, (lot 62)

Also in slider:

Sonia Delaunay - Grande Icone, 1970, (lot 11)

Markus Luepertz - Poster, 1984, (lot 120)

James Rosenquist - Horse Blinders West, 1972, (lot 96)

Images are courtesy of Auctionata.

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