Berliner Liste

September 18, 2014

It’s Berlin Art Week, people! And the main art fair is followed by a bunch of satellite events, some focused on underrepresented, but internationally acclaimed urban artists, and other on emerging creatives from German and international scene. Being the latter of the two, Berliner Liste is an independent art fair widely respected as a happening populated with exhibitors and fresh names, organized this year for the 11th time. The number of participating exhibitors is impressive as ever, counting 112 galleries from 24 countries, each bringing its own roster of exciting creatives. Increasingly popular, Berliner Liste is expected to be seen by over ten thousand visitors again, following the spectacular trend of 2013, perhaps even surpassing it.

Berliner Liste 2014
Berliner Liste 2013 at Kraftwerkberlin

Acclaimed Curator and Emerging Artists

Berliner Liste 2014 is curated by the acclaimed German art historian and critic Dr. Peter Funken, who was responsible for assembling a fantastic new selection of emerging new talent, to be showcased in a wonderful historic venue of Postbanhof, the old post office, next to the East Side Gallery. The focus is on innovation and expression rather than on medium, as the art fair encompasses every creative production, from painting, drawing and sculpture, to prints, installation, video art and performance. Still, photography will hold a special spot at Berliner Liste 2014, and a part of the program is dedicated to the art of the camera, with an overview of Berlin photographic tradition, as well as the emphasis on the importance of the medium in contemporary artistic practice.
Being oriented on emerging artists of the international scene, Berliner Liste will abound with artwork available at reasonable prices, but the artists featured at the event could become art superstars in the coming years, increasing the value of their work exponentially. Berliner Liste initiated another fair in Cologne this year, entitled Koelner Liste, which occurred in April.

Berliner Liste 2014
Berliner Liste 2014

Photography Section at Berliner Liste 2014

Last year’s edition of the art fair already offered a photography platform, but since Berlin is a significant spot in the history and the current development of photography, the Berliner Liste 2014 installs a permanent photographic section. Showcased in a heritage building with ample space, profusion of light and stylized setting, photography gains the perfect exhibition venue, whether it’s classic or contemporary in thematics or technique. Curated to attract numerous viewers and photography enthusiasts in particular, the Photography section introduces the Peter-Christian-Schlüschen Foundation sport photography prize as well, where the best will gain the opportunity to win 10.000 euros. Additionally, occupying the section, there will be respected galleries dedicated solely to the discipline.

Berliner Liste 2014
Peer Kriesel - Skateboard Deck#04 - an exhibiting artist

Art Fair at Postbahnhof

Finally, it’s important to mention the Berliner Liste 2014 venue - the Postbanhof, a red brick historic palace, restored with its original materials, of huge windows and vantage points. It’s located close to the Berlin club scene, while the major train station next to it - Ostbahnhof, provides numerous transportation options to and from the art fair.
Berliner Liste #11 opens its doors on September 18, running through September 21, 2014. Day ticket costs 13 euro and it includes the event calalog.

Berliner Liste 2014
Patricia Zenklusen - an exhibiting artist

Berliner Liste 2014
Artt T W Pankow - an exhibiting artist